rise of the lycan

what i did today:

1. wore my pink floral 'wish' top, thrifted skirt 2005, thrifted belt from god knows how long ago, bardot ring and dotti bag.

2. went to the markets for something to do. like always i leave there disappointed, i didn't find anything worth buying, i was drenched by the rain and then the strap on my top decided to break along the way.

3. my partner and i passed the day by going to the movies and watched 'underworld - rise of the lycans'.

a fan of underworld and underworld: evolution, it is no surprise that i jumped at the chance to watch this awesome prequel. i have always been horrible with telling the plot to a story, so please visit the site to get a better understanding.


what i love about underworld in general is the special effects, the blood and guts and most important, the interesting take it has on the history between the lycans and vampires.

favourite character: i love viktor played by billy nighy. his ability to play a vampire is so believable he sends chills down my spine. surprisingly i also feel in love with the character 'raze' played by kevin grevoux. i bring it down to the fact that in this prequel we are able to establish him more of an unsung hero than just another lycan follower as portrayed in the previous movies.

4. keeping with the vampire theme, i finished the book 'twilight'. not an avid reader it took me six months to read this book. it was good, but i think the hype behind it is a little over the top. this isn't going to stop me watching the movie, i am a sucker for vampires (pardon the pun).

Q: what do you think of the twilight hype?


  1. I haven't read "Twilight", but my sisters are OBSESSED. I don't get it. Maybe I don't get it because I haven't read it. I've been meaning to. I've also been meaning to see the movie, but only because the previews made me laugh hysterically. My favorite vampire book is still "Dracula". Love the top, by the way!

  2. You have really pieced the outfit together well. I have not read anything lately... except for work stuff.. how boring... hehe

  3. andrea... twilight looks a little childish. i have never read dracula. but i loved the movie.

    girl japan... thanks again for the compliment. i am trying to read more this year. lol another resolution i will never fulfil.


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