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today i listened to my new cdladyhawke’ by musician phillipa brown. her debut album was released on modular recordings in september 2008 and can be described as electro pop and is highly reminiscent of 1980’s music.
admittedly, I don’t usually gravitate towards this genre, but I can’t help but like her catchy tunes and her haunting voice. it's easy to listen to and is a refreshing change from the angry music i mostly listen to.

"pip" can also be commended on her sense of style when it comes to fashion. born in new zealand and now living in australia, it is strange that she exudes british punk/ kate moss but minus the drugs.
another thing to note is her awesome film clips and the album art by sarah larnach.


  1. I agree! When I listen to this album it makes me feel like I'm watching all of my favourite 80s childhood movies rolled into one, which is an awesome thing. Your blog is so pretty and I love your style :).

  2. thanks for the sweet comment!

    yeah she is pretty darn cool! x

  3. hi erin, thanks for dropping by. laughed my pants off when i read your reply about the cat WTF. god that would have freaked me out! but, I kind of hear scooby -doos voice for some odd reason

    couture carrie thanks again for visiting!

    penny, i only tell the truth :)

  4. Hello! Thanks for the comment! I didn't know that Mono were touring Japan whilst I would be there... Now I'm even more excited! I just have to find room in my budget for the tickets. They don't have a vocalist. Just screaming guitars that build up and up and up and... you get the idea. Kind of like Mogwai but a bit heavier.

  5. panda mime thanks for following!


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