sad news

ok... it's official. i will not be buying a chanel bag.
according to 'lady melbourne' http://ladymelbourne.blogspot.com/
a bag is around $3000. my partner would kill me if i bought something that expensive, and more to the point i would never be able to save up that much.
i am still going to melbourne at the end of the year to shop.everyone raves about it and i cant wait.
however, if i was to enter the chanel store it looks like i would only be buying the cheapest thing they have- 'breakfast at tiffany's style'. (i wonder if they have a telephone dialler or anything for under $10).


  1. NO worries.. you can spend that on something much more rewarding.. although the Channel would be nice... = )

  2. girl japan... i know right, $3000 is a bit much for a bag, that’s like a gazillion different outfits right there... who am i kidding if i had that kind of money i would grab ten in a heart beat. oh how i love chanel. i think i might have another look at the website. www.chanel.com


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