my new obsession… dr martens

after all my debts are paid off i will buy the following.... eek!.... i cant wait!

but wait, i need your help... which ones should i buy?


another award...

i have another award :)!!!!! this time from the lovely and gracious 'pandamime'.

i would like to pass this award to

andrea from la alaskena
emma from this rag dolls riches
kaitlyn from d!irty laundry
ali from baby im gonna leave you
and last but not least the cute michelle from make polaroids not war

congrats ladies!


3 weeks... all for nothing.

what i did today:

1. i woke up this morning to a nice surprise… one of my pot plants has grown a beautiful little flower… proof that not everything i touch dies…

2. wore my tempt skirt and shirt from philippines

3. my main aim today was to purchase a bag that i have been saving and lusting over for nearly 3 weeks. it was a black leather bag by ‘david lawrence’ and it was perfect… but offcourse in true ‘e’ style, i was unlucky and was too late; the bag i have been dreaming of was sold out…

so i had to settle for this bag by ‘esprit’. it was $30 cheaper, cute but unlike the bag by david lawrence it wasn’t leather. *sigh* i guess the cows have won this round…

on the plus side it won’t be long until i get to pick up my brown bag from dj’s

4. speaking of lay-bys, it was also time to pick up one of the many that i have around town. now, i don’t know exactly why i decided to buy this top, or what attracted me to it at the time. but i don’t think i like it anymore…. it’s almost too grandmaish…

5. while visiting a music store and looking out for any bargain movies i stumbled upon this shirt that was on sale, $5 bargain! it instantly reminded me of high school. by the way ‘s.h’ you know who you are…. Please give me back my incubus and grinspoon cd’s, i have been away from them for far too long.

till next time xoxox


twilight the movie

what i did today:

1. whined and winged until i was granted my wish… my partner took me to see 'twilight'. after reading the first book and currently enjoying ‘the new moon’, i found the sudden need to see the movie on the big screen instead of waiting for its arrival on dvd. so off to the movies we went, and can i say that i was thoroughly disappointed.
i honestly did not expect it to be as bad as it was, i was thinking more along the lines of buffy the vampire slayer (tv series); romance, action and a little bit of carnage thrown in for good measure.

it was just so bad that my partner and i were laughing throughout the entirety of the move because of its poorly written lines and its horrendous special effects. amongst all that, the cinematography had a lot to be desired. it was inconsistent and at times pointless making the movie overwhelmingly 'b' grade. but the most disappointing thing of all was that i did not fall in love… in most vampire tales you cant help but fall in love with these mysterious creatures, the way they lived, loved and their past.
oh, and the acting… don’t even get me started!

i would like to erase the past two hours out of my mind so that it wont taint the rest of my reading experience. further more, i plan to spend the rest of my evening watching ‘interview with the vampire’ followed by ‘queen of the dammed’ to remind myself of what a real vampire movie should be like.

favourite character: victoria played by rachel lefevre.
favourite scene: the credits


valentines day/ 8th year anniversary/ birthday

yes... valentines day is a very big day for me. so what did i do on this special day?

1. my partner and i gave a promise to one another that we wouldn't celebrate valentines this year... but i guess promises were made to be broken.

when he came home yesterday he had with him a dozen roses and a big smile on his face. you can imagine my delight and surprise to receive such a gift. after giving him a big lecture on breaking promises etc. etc. i pulled out a little gift bag which had in it a bottle of perfume for men by diesel, chocolates and a little something naughty (which we wont get into).

2. later that evening we celebrated his mums birthday by taking her out to dinner. at first we had booked a table at a family restaurant and to our surprise we were informed that the menu was changed for valentines day and it was to be $60 a head... i think we were out of there before the waiter could utter another word...

all dressed up an no where to go, we settled for a non fancy all you can eat diner at good old 'sizzler'. 3 hours, four trips to the buffet and a salmon teriyaki later, we were oblivious to the fact that the once full restaurant was now empty. proves to show that no matter where we went we would have had a great time anyway.

3. wore my bardot denims, vintage broach and bonds singlet...

on to a different topic all together...



we.... (and when i say we, i mean people of australia) received great news this week as the government passed the 42 billion stimulus package. each low income earner will be receiving $900 in the hopes of reviving the economy. money will also be put towards schooling and family support. to that i thank mr tin tin (aka mr kevin rudd) for being so generous to my melbourne jar...

as much as i am happy to receive, there is this nagging voice at the back of my head saying..."you are going to pay for this"....

so what exactly am i afraid of?

in a world where nothing is for free, something as big as 42 billion will have serious repercussions. no doubt unemployment will increase as small businesses are over looked. (ie. small businesses such as photographic studios... get my drift?...) the more i think about it the more it becomes clear that keeping my job; however horrible it may be, is better than a quick $900 in my pocket. i just hope and pray that it wont come to this...

Question: what would you do with an extra $900?


mama mia!

what i did today:

1. met up with my mum for lunch and then did a little window shopping. i showed her the bag i placed on lay-by. needless to say she wasn't impressed by the price.

i also gave her a copy of mama mia. i know she is going to love the movie because she is a big fan of abba and without giving too much away; 1 woman + 3 men at the same time = 1 spawn (me)... yes i am a little uncertain as to who my real father is till this day.

2. wore my brown cotton on top... yes yet again... i cant get enough of it. tText Colorhis time i paired it up with my shorts from ice, ring from sports girl, bangle from the philippines, thrifted beads and belt.

3. bought a skirt and a pair of earrings to match from cotton on and an awesome scarf from city beach .

before i go i would like to thank everyone for the compliments on my last post, you made my day.


currently watching: x men the last stand



i am lucky!!!

today the beautiful, funny and remarkable andrea gave me my first blog award. if only i could give it back to her i would, but i'm not entirely sure that i am meant to do that.

i would like to pass this award on to emma, thevintageyear, girl japan, penny, cc and pandamime! ok there is six all up but i can't narrow it down, they are all deserving of this award.

well off to my second job, i hope its not going to be a late night.



are you feeling lucky?

what i did today:

1. wore my living doll black dress, supre top, dotti bag and thrifted belt.

2. went shopping and found the best brown bag... ever.... it's by
lucky brand, it's going to cost me $300 but i love them too much to even consider the price. i have put them on lay-by, so in 8 weeks i will be the proud owner of a 'lucky' hobo bag i cant wait!!!!

while i was out i picked up this belt from dotti. a little disappointed with it because upon trying it on at home i found that it was a size too big and i had already taken the tag off. oh well... i also grabbed this super cheap stockings from myer.

3. i paid my car loan today and it feels so good to be debt free...

4. as i write this i am watching 'how i met your mother'. im so glad that the tennis is finally over and all my favourite tv shows are back on.