a day in photos


  1. your cactus garden is full of awsomeness! No fair, you have converse high tops, and is that the cd youve had on order for ages?

  2. emma... yeah it only took them 4 months to get it in... but worth the wait. i have had the cons for over 6 years now, wish i bought low cut ones.

  3. Love this "story" and the accompanying photos! Fab hairdo!


  4. Love this! I haven't done a day in photos entry in ages.

    oooooooo New Moon!! enjoy! I'm onto Breaking Dawn now :)

  5. oh my god i neeeed that cry baby cd!! i love that film so much!
    "pleeeease mr. jailor!"

  6. wow your day in photos are so amazing. You smart cookie I'd love to do that but my life isn't really interesting lol. Maybe one day when I've got something exciting to show ahaaa. Hrm one day..

    Oh I haven't heard of that place in Philippines is it like a island? My mum is from Cebu but in Danao >< soo far from the city but yeep going there this December! ahaa I can do a photos entry when I'm in phils.

    Take cares love :3

  7. I love your garden, and "Cry Baby" is like, the best movie ever. Seriously.

  8. cc... thank you my hair is finally growing after having it victoria short for over 2 years. i cant wait to have it long again.

    penny... "wont you let my man go free..." we should have karaoke night..

    michelle... take care in the philippines your going to have a great time.

    andrea... i have watched it over a hundred times. my partner is about to kill me if i don't stop watching it.

  9. ahaa yeahs i totally agree we both need to know about our heritage. I don't even know whos the president =/ is it still the woman? bleh i have no idea.

    Yes i know aye, people ask for so much money in the Philippines, they stick their hands out to me like im their savior. I do feel bad for them especially the little kids that sing for money as your walking past them and just giving them 10peso's makes them so happy. But yeahs other people can be so dodgy aye, even the ones in high class stores. Tssk! lol anyways...

    Uhm about my post, no she didn't move away such a story that we no longer can talk anymore, we'll we do but it's just so awkward.


  10. hey, thanks (: i want to see cry baby. can't believe i haven't already! i love your style x

  11. Fab story, and I LOVE your sneakers... I have been wanting high tops for so long to wear with my rolled up jeans... Looking fabulous!

  12. sounds like a wonderful day!!

    i love your blog :)


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