3 weeks... all for nothing.

what i did today:

1. i woke up this morning to a nice surprise… one of my pot plants has grown a beautiful little flower… proof that not everything i touch dies…

2. wore my tempt skirt and shirt from philippines

3. my main aim today was to purchase a bag that i have been saving and lusting over for nearly 3 weeks. it was a black leather bag by ‘david lawrence’ and it was perfect… but offcourse in true ‘e’ style, i was unlucky and was too late; the bag i have been dreaming of was sold out…

so i had to settle for this bag by ‘esprit’. it was $30 cheaper, cute but unlike the bag by david lawrence it wasn’t leather. *sigh* i guess the cows have won this round…

on the plus side it won’t be long until i get to pick up my brown bag from dj’s

4. speaking of lay-bys, it was also time to pick up one of the many that i have around town. now, i don’t know exactly why i decided to buy this top, or what attracted me to it at the time. but i don’t think i like it anymore…. it’s almost too grandmaish…

5. while visiting a music store and looking out for any bargain movies i stumbled upon this shirt that was on sale, $5 bargain! it instantly reminded me of high school. by the way ‘s.h’ you know who you are…. Please give me back my incubus and grinspoon cd’s, i have been away from them for far too long.

till next time xoxox


  1. I love number 3 and 4.
    nice blog anyway.


  2. what a beautiful flower!! and lovvvve the tempt skirt! haha i want one.

  3. as I was trying to say the other day... I think big flower prints are in fro this sseason rather than the mini ones. You will learn to love the top.xxx

  4. oh, and who stole your cd's? if s,h is someones initials then I think I know, and i seem to remember seeing them in her collection in school.

  5. Love the flower and love the bag.. I have a brown thumb when it comes to flowers and plants...seriously..


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