another award...

i have another award :)!!!!! this time from the lovely and gracious 'pandamime'.

i would like to pass this award to

andrea from la alaskena
emma from this rag dolls riches
kaitlyn from d!irty laundry
ali from baby im gonna leave you
and last but not least the cute michelle from make polaroids not war

congrats ladies!


  1. thank you so much for the award! I appreciate it so much :] which lead me into giving you an award back!

  2. thankyou! that's so nice of you (: x

  3. You are so kind in your giving.. you really are. hope you are having a fab night/day?

  4. Congrats, darling! Will have to check out these sites too!


  5. Trying to comment again. That flower you grew is stunning. What kind of plant is it? Probably one that will under no circumstances grow in Alaska. = (

  6. It worked! Yay! Sorry if you thought I was neglecting you. No indeed.

  7. michelle... not a problem
    ali... your welcome, thought i should give yours a shout out. such a cool blog.
    girl japan... thanks next time i will give another to you for sure.
    shags... could you come up with a better insult next time. btw i want you to bring me home a cheese burger.
    cc.. thank you and yes they are great sites.
    andrea... your so cute... no hard feelings here. oh and that plant, its dead. :(


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