shoe sale!!!!

went to the vintage fair with my friend emma...

sometimes at these places i tend to be a little picky because of the price and often come out with nothing, this day was one of them. the highlight of the day was an armadillo bag.


after... poor little armadillo...

skirt = ice
singlet = thrifted

before heading home my friend surprised me with a little gift
from her shop.
it now sits on my window sill and every day it makes me smile.


dress = ice



most of the day was spent watching old episodes of sex and the city followed

by an afternoon of window shopping.
and thank god i did!!!
found these tony bianco shoes at myer. to my surprise the already discounted
shoes were a further 75% off. i nearly kissed the shop assistant.
$120 down to $89 further discounted down to $22...

i love shoe sales...

i am hoping to catch more bargains on the weekend.
wish me luck!


catch up...

i haven't posted in a while so i will try and keep this as short as possible....
what have i been up to:

went to the movies last week.... saw confessions of a shopaholic and loved it!
i laughed and cried and was probably the oldest person there. my favourite character was
suze played by krysten ritter...

bought a vest from ice

and wore it to my partners birthday dinner. we went to 'the german club' and ate ourselves silly.

sunday we had a family dinner celebrating 4 birthdays.... 4!!!! how ridiculous is that.
to this event i finally got to wear my dress from supre. still cant believe it was only $15

bought a singlet from general pants co. by wrangler

and today i wore it out to lunch with my mum.

but not least
the cute kate moss look alike 'ali' has given me a blog award...

thanks ali!!!!

The rules :
<-- 1. Put the logo on your blog or post.2. Nominate 'at least' 10 blogs which you think are fabulous.3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

i pass this on to: bella, diana, kerby, michelle, lisanne, heart of pearl and andrea...


i heart bourjois

what i did today:

1. i love love love bourjois... i just wish i had enough money to buy the whole collection... there is time. for now my second addition to my collection is this lip tint in rose pixel. what is great about it is that when you put it on it actually doesn't feel like you have anything on. and it lasts for a long time...

i also think that their adds are cute... how wonderful would it be to be french... well at least i think shes french. anyway, i might buy this next.

bought a new necklace from cruise australia

found the perfect gift for my partners birthday a jag wallet. i hope he likes it.

2. wore my supre dress....

well i am not looking forward to going back to work on tuesday.... i have really enjoyed the time off, however bad it might be to my pockets... i guess i should just make the most of tomorrow and be glad that i have another week off in august.



day 5

the last day of my holidays... so what did i get up to?

1. being the last day i was kind of tired and wanted to stay home. however, upon thinking things through i realised that officially my holidays are over, but i do have 2 more days (sunday and monday my weekend equivalent) to recuperate and stay at home. so with this in mind my partner and i decided to go out and watch a movie.... i wore my supre skirt 2007 and bonds t-shirt.

2. both comic book lovers (can anybody say geek) we decided to go and see 'watchmen'. it was an interesting movie but i am still a little undecided as to whether or not i liked it. the special effect was great and a lot of action was to be had, but again there wasn't enough to quench my thirst... something was missing...

3. seeing as though we were out and about i decided to stay back at the mall to shop around for birthday gifts. i couldn't find anything for my partners upcoming birthday, but on the plus side i did find the outfit i will be wearing to his dinner party...

i did also find a gift for his sisters birthday. a compact mirror from oroton... i have always loved this signature design, and i was this close to keeping it for myself... but i didn't.... i do have self control you know... :)

until next time... xoxoxo


day 4

what i did today:

1. nothing much... we did however get the chance to meet the new addition to the j's family. little mia... she was perfect in every way. 10 fingers, 10 toes really long feet. she didn't cry at all apart from when it was time for her to feed and soon after she was fine. i think mia and i will get along just fine.

2. finally wore my bardot dress...

3. feeling bad that he wasn't up to taking me to the gold coast today (many sleepless nights from his teeth), my partner took me to my favourite restaurant, i-sushi. he is so cute...

5. to say thank you i bought him the movie 'hancok' which i knew he has been wanting to watch for a very long time. i have it playing as i write this... must say i am enjoying it, but then again who doesn't like will smith.



day 3

what i did today:

1. spent most of the morning in bed... my partners teeth were bleeding profusely last night so we went to the hospital to check on his stitches and we didn't get home until midnight. not to worry he is fine...

when i did get enough energy to get up out of bed i finished sewing my skirt. i don't think i did that badly considering i didn't have a pattern to work from and made things up along the way. now that i have the right measurements i will be making a black pair to wear out and about. i am enjoying making things immensely and the best part is that it keeps me occupied ...

2. wore my black singlet and skirt from target...

3. eager to start on my black skirt, i drove to spotlight to grab my supplies. no doubt i will be starting on this project tomorrow some time. :)

4. went to the shops and bought this top/dress from supre... they are having a sale and i couldn't resist this bargain...

5. now at home with a cup of tea and watching a movie with my partner... 15 minutes into it and there is very little about this movie that is keeping me interested... hummm... might surf youtube.



day 2

what i did today:

1. wore one of my partners unwanted shirt that i made into a dress, wrist band from just jeans.

2. bought the next book from the twilight series, a little boring so far....

3. went out to lunch with my partner

3. drove my partner to the dentist.... poor guy had both of his wisdom teeth taken out.

i waited in the car due to the fact that i hate the dentists... it was raining...

i wasn't alone....

4. went home and made a bow necklace like the one by lovehearts designs....this is the back view...

here is the front.... its a little big...

will post a tutorial when i get the dimensions and materials exactly right... :)

until then xoxoxo


my week off.... day 1

day 1 what i did:

1. wore my dress by bauhaus 2007 and went out to lunch with my partners sister who is visiting from america.

2. bought a cream dress from supre...

3. bought a pair of sunglasses by ralph lauren. it was a good buy at 25% off the original price. not only does it look like my favourite pair that broke the other day, but it worked out to be around the same price after the discount so i was happy about that.

4. spent the rest of the day figuring out how to sew a simple skirt. will post the results as soon as its finished. :)
until then xoxox
currently listening to: the used - very handsome awkward


what a day!

what i did today:

1. woke up at 1am and couldn't get back to sleep. so i turned on the computer and started watching youtube and found this guy... he is awesome and funny and oh so cuddly looking. i suggest you check him out.

anyway an hour of watching his entries i get a call from my partners mother with the great news that his sister was in labour and that we needed to give them a lift to the hospital. (yeah not so great news). never the less i was excited to go on this little adventure at 2 in the morning, my partner, who was enjoying his slumber thought otherwise.

so we drove her to the hospital, her contractions were close together and you can tell that she was in a lot of pain by the tears that were running down her face and the bending over and the wishing it was over kind of thing... i found it hard to hold back the tears myself at how beautiful the moment was and at the same time was freaking out at the sight of her in so much pain... it is now 5:45pm and still no baby. she is a stubborn little thing and wants to go out face first instead of head first. it's not looking good but the doctors said that it isn't that bad either we just need to wait until she moves into the right position.

2. tried sleeping again when we got home. and i couldn't... so i decided to pick up my sewing machine!!!!! i haven't put together anything yet, i am way too tired but i will keep you posted.

until then xoxox

ps. did i mention that i have a week off work! i am on cloud 9 at the moment.


never put your sun glasses around your neck.... they fall off and break.