day 4

what i did today:

1. nothing much... we did however get the chance to meet the new addition to the j's family. little mia... she was perfect in every way. 10 fingers, 10 toes really long feet. she didn't cry at all apart from when it was time for her to feed and soon after she was fine. i think mia and i will get along just fine.

2. finally wore my bardot dress...

3. feeling bad that he wasn't up to taking me to the gold coast today (many sleepless nights from his teeth), my partner took me to my favourite restaurant, i-sushi. he is so cute...

5. to say thank you i bought him the movie 'hancok' which i knew he has been wanting to watch for a very long time. i have it playing as i write this... must say i am enjoying it, but then again who doesn't like will smith.



  1. thanks for your kind comment and for following my blog!
    i like your dress, it's very summer-y and the color looks great on you.

  2. I am in love with that dress. So beautiful.

  3. that dress is amazing, and i love the film hancock ,x

  4. I want that dress aye! as I've said in previous post's. You look very pretty in it! I remember watching Hancock in the Philippines, I was flicking through Chanel on the satellite and saw the part where he was talking to the mannequin. I was quite scared =/


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