what a day!

what i did today:

1. woke up at 1am and couldn't get back to sleep. so i turned on the computer and started watching youtube and found this guy... he is awesome and funny and oh so cuddly looking. i suggest you check him out.

anyway an hour of watching his entries i get a call from my partners mother with the great news that his sister was in labour and that we needed to give them a lift to the hospital. (yeah not so great news). never the less i was excited to go on this little adventure at 2 in the morning, my partner, who was enjoying his slumber thought otherwise.

so we drove her to the hospital, her contractions were close together and you can tell that she was in a lot of pain by the tears that were running down her face and the bending over and the wishing it was over kind of thing... i found it hard to hold back the tears myself at how beautiful the moment was and at the same time was freaking out at the sight of her in so much pain... it is now 5:45pm and still no baby. she is a stubborn little thing and wants to go out face first instead of head first. it's not looking good but the doctors said that it isn't that bad either we just need to wait until she moves into the right position.

2. tried sleeping again when we got home. and i couldn't... so i decided to pick up my sewing machine!!!!! i haven't put together anything yet, i am way too tired but i will keep you posted.

until then xoxox

ps. did i mention that i have a week off work! i am on cloud 9 at the moment.


  1. I still cant fathom little Sophie is having a baby, apparently first babies always come with a long labor, hopefully it pops out soon! How exicting for you. I am surprised your sewing machine is a brother, looks good.

  2. Congrats on the sewing machine and the new addition!

  3. andrea... i can't wait to use it. i wonder what i should make first?
    oh and she has arrived, born 7:30ish.

  4. no, my skirt is old. Is is hippyish, just gotta wear it the right way. Poor shophie, you have to fill us in on the details and we want pics of you holding the baby.Seriously, after seeing what she went through you want one even more?? crazy woman!

  5. cute sewing machine. And congrats on the baby even if it's not yours hehee. Whenever I cant sleep I always end up going on youtube too! and find the most interesting things to find.
    How are you anyways?


  6. aww good luck to your friend! i feel so sorry for her being in labour for so long!!!!

  7. michelle... thanks it isn't heavy duty or anything but it does the job. youtube is evil... it sucks you in and wont let go.

    penny... she finally had the baby at 7:30pm that day. i haven’t seen her yet but i cant wait.


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