be back soon...

hi guys sorry for my absence....

our unit is no longer inhabitable. the plumbing upstairs has burst so instead of moving in august as intended, we had to fast track moving into j's (my partners) mums.... yes that is right his mums... anyway as a result my computer is out of production until i figure out which plug goes into which socket and hope that it doesn't blow up on me.

so stay tuned for updates on pcd concert, recent buys and my new home.



and i will be one of the many catching them on tour....
thats right! tuesday 19th of may i will be seeing the girls live. admittedly they will be very itty bitty in size due to my seats being in the 'nose bleed' section but hey i know i will have fun....
cant wait!
im not one that goes to many concerts so i need your advice on what to wear.
some input would be great. :)


mothers day

a big star trek fan from when she was young, we decided to shout j's mum gold class tickets to the new movie. the experience like always was memorable. i mean how often do you get to sit in comfortable recliners and get served ice cream sundaes, cheese platters, lemon tarts and alcohol while watching a movie. unfortunately the movie itself was a little unenjoyable for me. kind of had 3 micro sleeps in the middle of it.
my favourite character=sulu played by john cho. he was funny and most importantly he kicked ass...

stockings-big w
top-valley girl

woke up early to make my mum a special mothers day card.
with it i gave her a necklace i bought from the markets and gave her some money to put towards a winter coat.
i also took her out to lunch. i was thinking high tea in the city but she wanted KFC so yeah... KFC nothing special but it was her day so i played along. now, she loves going to second hand shops and so we spent majority of the day looking through unwanted treasures. i bought for her a couple of hats; nothing for myself...
black harem pants-OTM
necklace-big w
singlet- bonds

mothers day was exhausting... see the bags under my eyes after the two days were over...
but hey, i would do anything and everything for the ones i love. even if it means spending 2 hours watching a movie that you don't like ;)

grey shirt by sass
harem pants by OTM
belt by dotti


this movie was nail biting, edge of your seat brilliant....
my favourite character= 'gambit' played by taylor kitsch

went out to brunch with the girls. after ordering we waited a good 45min before getting our meals. to apologise for the poor service we were given the meals for free.

pants-valley girl
top-cotton on

while out emma and i decided to do a little window shopping. she thought i should buy a pair of these harem pants from bardot. my issue is, i know for a fact that these are just one of those fads that will last a season and never return. so.... do i go for the really nice, beautifully made $70 pair from bardot or the cotton/synthetic version from supre. some help and input would be great.

shoes by coochi and my very first pair of leggings with this foot thing from valley girl...
(please note that the legs shown in the above photo are not mine. my legs are not as nice, slim nor long..)