and i will be one of the many catching them on tour....
thats right! tuesday 19th of may i will be seeing the girls live. admittedly they will be very itty bitty in size due to my seats being in the 'nose bleed' section but hey i know i will have fun....
cant wait!
im not one that goes to many concerts so i need your advice on what to wear.
some input would be great. :)


  1. simple and comfy. hotpants sneakers is a must.. =)
    it'll be soo crowded there.

    aaa.. so lucky to be you.i really wanna see PCD live

  2. this should be fun!wear something you like that is your style but also comfy so you are comfortable as you dance and enjoy the concert.
    have a great time.
    muah x

  3. have fun! have you decided what to wear yet? i agree with marian (: x

  4. dont wear heels
    wear the nicest thing you have
    that will last you through a sweaty 6 hours
    and dont wear open shoes because it will hurt :)
    and dont wear longsleeves cuz its hot
    =] have fun

  5. I just knew we were twins in the past. I too am going to see the young ladies of PCD's on tour :) well I wish I had any tips for you because my saying for 'this' concert is just like saying "Now all us girls can dress up as sluts and not get named for once!" so I was suggesting to dress up as a PCD but then I thought.."no" so I'm actually going to wear a singlet, jeans and high heels because I have seats so at least I can sit down and relax. But the one tip I'll suggest is just to wear something you would comfortable in.

    xo M

  6. they're coming to manila too! try to wear something comfortable! just jazz your outfit up with accessories. i tried to wear heels to a concert once and halfway through i almost died of pain.

  7. I pretty much love PCD. I'm jealous. Good concerts come to Alaska, um... never?

  8. gosh, that sounds like soo much fun! have a wonderful time!

  9. i gave you an award too! (:

  10. You're going to have such an amazing time! The show will be outstanding, I'm sure.

    As for attire, if it were me... I'd pull a rock-chic in a heartbeat. xxx

  11. So how was it.. did you have a fab time?


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