colours as warm as the sun...

a mixture of vintage finds and cheap sales under $15...


to make it work, cut it short

found this 70s dress at the op shop. the asking price was $20 but i haggled it down to $15, love a bargain even more if i can manage to make it cheaper.;)

it did need some work done to it though... it came all the way down to my toes and it had a couple of stains around the bottom, so i needed to cut a lot of it off, and because of the type of material its made out of it also had to be hand stitched. 

the shoes made in brazil; again vintage from the op shop and it was only $8.

i am really starting to love my vintage outfits and i find myself avoiding most chain stores so that i have more to spend on op shop finds.

i cant wait to find the next item to add to my collection!!!

ps... dont know why my images keep coming up with lines all through them... might need to re-size them i think... oh well next time. :)


winter outfits

a season too late but here were two outfits i loved wearing during winter.