just add suggar and stir....

c' came over yesterday to do a final trial for my wedding cupcake.... it was awesome to watch her in action. and as for the cupcakes.... they were just perfect, couldn't be any happier. see for yourself....



i feel used and i love it....

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had some guys sweat drop into my mouth so im FREAKING out about that but otherwise the night was spent squished against people in the mosh, singing my lungs out and sweating profusely... just how i like it.

the band were so good live.
some girl received berts hat!
some girl was picked from the crowd by bert because she had on a pair of these gloves. he told her to chuck him up one. so she did and he wore it for a song. he then pulled up some random kid from the crowd and brought him up on stage. the kid who wouldn't have been older than 10 was singing and moshing, giving the audience the finger... he was so cute. bert then gave the kid the glove.
there were was a group of older girls who belonged in maybe a molly cyrus concert, all done up with high heels and crap. they were in the thick of it all and were all like.... oh my god stop pushing you losers. what did they expect THEY WERE IN A MOSH PIT!!!

anyway have to go. will talk again this afternoon. still on a buzz... have to work all day, then j's party tonight. don't think i can make it.
does anyone have a bottle of red bull?

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