three dresses in three days

christmas day

boxing day

christmas party

also went to the art gallery with c the other day to check out their current exhibition -
21st century: art in the first decade. there was so many things to see and do. i even got a chance to send myself a post card. cant wait to receive it.

despite the amount of talent that was there the thing that caught my eye the most were the video art. these two artists in particular...

campbell patterson- lifting my mother for as long as i can 2007

candice breitz- a portrait of michael jackson 2005



so this is christmas...

things have been hard of late. the studio has had a no business coming through and as a result i have had to find a new job. the job hunt is both demoralising and tasking. been to so many job interviews and no luck as of yet. but i am a fighter and i am hopeful. i need to be...

what scares me is if i don't find a job soon i don't know how we are going to keep the house.

on the up side we have moved into the house. there are still little things to do here and there, especially around the gardens, but that can wait until we have the money for it.
so this is christmas.... but there is too much on my mind for it to feel any special.

hope my next post is a little more uplifting.