three dresses in three days

christmas day

boxing day

christmas party

also went to the art gallery with c the other day to check out their current exhibition -
21st century: art in the first decade. there was so many things to see and do. i even got a chance to send myself a post card. cant wait to receive it.

despite the amount of talent that was there the thing that caught my eye the most were the video art. these two artists in particular...

campbell patterson- lifting my mother for as long as i can 2007

candice breitz- a portrait of michael jackson 2005



so this is christmas...

things have been hard of late. the studio has had a no business coming through and as a result i have had to find a new job. the job hunt is both demoralising and tasking. been to so many job interviews and no luck as of yet. but i am a fighter and i am hopeful. i need to be...

what scares me is if i don't find a job soon i don't know how we are going to keep the house.

on the up side we have moved into the house. there are still little things to do here and there, especially around the gardens, but that can wait until we have the money for it.
so this is christmas.... but there is too much on my mind for it to feel any special.

hope my next post is a little more uplifting.




and lots of it... but it didn't spoil my day out on sunday. met up with c' for a catch up and to greet her happy birthday. caught the train, got bored of waiting so i took some photos.


no longer an online shopping virgin...

well soon i hope to purchase this dress for a wedding im going to in novermber... i have never purchased anything online and i am surprised at how cheap things can be!
i can see myself purchasing a lot of bargains this way.

cant wait!
purchase this dress from 'tide buy'


little bitty...

its alright to be little bitty, a little home town in a big old city...


recent buys....

did i tell you guys about my hair cut... like all of my other hair cuts i was not happy with this one. they cut my fringe too short and didn't really style the front so it ended up looking like a bowl hair cut at the front... anyways here is me on a good hair day, ps. i think i used a whole can of hair spray to make my fringe stay to one side.

jacket - fashion fair $10

we haven't moved in to the house yet, the lack of money is holding the renovation jobs back... also, we are still trying to figure out how to get rid of the cat smell that is forever plaguing the whole house. it's so gross...
i will be taking photos this weekend so you can all see how much work needs to be done...


recent buys

wore this to fame the musical... god i am so far behind that i don't even remember when it was... anyway...

dress - luca $80

more recent buys...

dress - kmart $30
stockings - kmart $7
BIG news... bought a house! its old, old, old... and teeny tiny, but still i cant wait to move in, renovate and make it feel like home.



last friday....

i saw sex and the city 2 with the girls... AWESOME!!! no photos, no story behind it... just a nice night out with the girls.

other things in my life at the moment...
  • paying off a wedding loan + saving up for our first home = not much shopping and i am surprisingly coping just fine.... i think as carrie says in the movie " i have been cheating on fashion with furniture"... well in my case the thought of renovations and new furniture..
  • feeling kind of overwhelmed by all the work i am doing while my boss is away on holidays. its not long now until they get back and i have just started the work load they had given me... i know, i know, i only have myself to blame for leaving things at the last minute but its so hard to be motivated when there is no one to monitor your internet viewing at work. so yeah... i blame them for leaving me unattended.
  • speaking of abandonment, my mum has gone back to the philippines for a 3 weeks. will miss our shopping runs on mondays but i also think that having the time apart will do us some good.
  • j's brothers girlfriend is arriving in 1hr from germany....so there will be living in this little 3 bedroom house will be j, his mum, his brother, his brothers girlfriend and of course... me. in november you can add to that list; j's sister, j's sisters eldest son, j's sister youngest son, j's sisters husband. so that will make it?... 9 in total... yes 9!!! hopefully j and i will have our own home by then. god willing...
  • life in general is ok... enjoy having a husband. wow, the young me who had always said that she would never be married is slowly dying.

more fashion exploits soon to come


pretty little things...

thrift find - $3.50

thrift find - $7

ally- $25

australis- ???

thrift find- $5

dotti - $5

friday i...

went to gold class with j. watched robin hood and enjoyed the movie immensely.

i wore...

pants- thrifted from 2002
singlet- bonds



i love my new shoes...

met up with the girls to share some wedding photos. must admit i also had another motive to bus it into the city... my new boots from betts. $150 marked down to $120.

my new dress- ally
leggings- valley girl
shoes- nine west


need a little sunshine

today the sun was in hiding so i thought i should bring the sunshine to me. a trip to the markets for some flowers, then to the hair dressers for some pampering. a quick stop at the shops for a bargain find (mustard beret from dotti $5) then off home for some warm pumpkin soup and a movie... perfect day if you ask me.




dress 1- cinnamon girl (thrift find) $7
dress 2 - Ally $30