catching up

valentines day..
was low key this year,strictly no gift giving just a dinner out. j took me to delugo, the restaurant where we had dinner on the night of the proposal. it was very sweet, i think it might be another tradition of ours in the making. (we shall see)
as mentioned in previous posts, i had my 2nd hair trial on the same night. i was not 100 happy. the hair was too old fashioned and she didn't do my eyes very well. but everyone loved it so i felt kind of overwhelmed and persuaded that this was the right hairdresser for me. so i ended up canceling my previous hair dresser and booked these new guys in. that night, after everyone had left and we were about to go to bed. i looked at the photos from the day, and the more i looked at them the more i knew that i had made a big mistake and it was one that can not be undone.

on the plus side i did feel that the foundation was lighter and i really got along with the hair and makeup artist.
i have also emailed them since with my concerns about the eyeliner not being thick enough etc. they have assured me that it can be easily fixed.
i am also going for yet another hair trial with the same lady to see whether or not she can recreate the hair style i had from my previous trial. (yes more money)
anyway, regardless of how much its going to cost me i just need to know that that they can get it
right on the day.


the next day...

j's mum took me everywhere. the florist, ikea, thrift stores you name it!
i was so tired that by the end i had to sit down in the middle of the grocery store, (isle 6 next to the canned tuna) so that i could catch my breath. on the plus side i was able to tick off a wedding task and i found these lovely treasures at the thrift store. makes me want more, more, more... stuff that i don't need.




christmas in february

j's brother is back from germany and he had word that i was collecting christmas decorations.
i came home to this beautiful little snow flake.

that night j and i went out for dinner at a new italian restaurant called vapiano. the food was great and so was the decor. (there is even a live tree built into one of the tables, so cool)
it has two levels each with a labyrinth of communal benches, tables and couches to sit down on. but unfortunately new restaurant + good food + great decor = long wait, no seats and a very very loud dining experience. wasn't entirely happy with the experience because of these things. maybe once the hype has died down j and i might go there again.

top- just jeans
singlet (underneath) - bonds mens
hair trial tomorrow....
kind of angry that i will be spending close to $200 on something that i may not be happy with...
oh well i guess we will just have to see...


3 for $10

is what the sign said... and it was enough to make my day.
i originally planed to go to stones corner to shop for accessories for my wedding. however, i left there with another blue dress in which i plan to wear this valentines day, and 3 tops from jeans west for only $10!!!
(note: don't be alarmed.. the little eyes peeping through in the following photos
is just our darth vader potato head)

blue dress- barkins (table eight outlet) $30

just jeans tops

now, stones corner is where you go shopping if you have either lots of money, or very little at all. there is a hand full of boutique designer shops with stock that can make your mouth water and one or two retail outlets with last season stock. as you may know i have been saving up like crazy and have been so good not to buy anything... but in my defence, these recent buys are really cheap and i am definitely guilt free.... yes... guilt free... if i keep telling myself that i will eventually believe it.

speaking of guilt, i still have to loose a couple of inches in order to fit my wedding dress... however, tonight as we loitered the city j and i had greasy take out topped off with a large scoop of ice cream.
i have yet to learn and master the art of how not to give in to temptation...

black petty coat-?
cream top-sports girl 3-4 years ago?