christmas in february

j's brother is back from germany and he had word that i was collecting christmas decorations.
i came home to this beautiful little snow flake.

that night j and i went out for dinner at a new italian restaurant called vapiano. the food was great and so was the decor. (there is even a live tree built into one of the tables, so cool)
it has two levels each with a labyrinth of communal benches, tables and couches to sit down on. but unfortunately new restaurant + good food + great decor = long wait, no seats and a very very loud dining experience. wasn't entirely happy with the experience because of these things. maybe once the hype has died down j and i might go there again.

top- just jeans
singlet (underneath) - bonds mens
hair trial tomorrow....
kind of angry that i will be spending close to $200 on something that i may not be happy with...
oh well i guess we will just have to see...


  1. arrghhhhh! too cute!

  2. beautiful! looks so exquisite! and I love the simple cute dress! Oh I love wearing my boyfriends bonds briefs! hahahah their like boxers on me yet they are so comfortable! hahah


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