great finds

with the lack of outfit post i thought i should share something else i have bought.
found this vintage chair a while back at the op shop for only $15!
i also bough this wonderful necklace at the markets from a lovely lady.  her jewelry was cheap and beautiful, this one was only $8.



colours as warm as the sun...

a mixture of vintage finds and cheap sales under $15...


to make it work, cut it short

found this 70s dress at the op shop. the asking price was $20 but i haggled it down to $15, love a bargain even more if i can manage to make it cheaper.;)

it did need some work done to it though... it came all the way down to my toes and it had a couple of stains around the bottom, so i needed to cut a lot of it off, and because of the type of material its made out of it also had to be hand stitched. 

the shoes made in brazil; again vintage from the op shop and it was only $8.

i am really starting to love my vintage outfits and i find myself avoiding most chain stores so that i have more to spend on op shop finds.

i cant wait to find the next item to add to my collection!!!

ps... dont know why my images keep coming up with lines all through them... might need to re-size them i think... oh well next time. :)


winter outfits

a season too late but here were two outfits i loved wearing during winter.


the sun was out today

and it was a great excuse to finally wear my felt grey hat i bought last winter.


australia zoo

went to australia zoo a couple of weeks back with a friend and her two kids... he kids had fun, and me... not so much because i had seen it all before on my 24th birthday.  but hey, i still enjoyed the elephants and the tigers but most of all terri erwins line of clothing, check out the name!


new job new me?

so as mentioned before i have a new job... where? at a motel in their conferences and events department.  i work amongst a lot of paper pushing, corporate zombie types in 2x2 cubicles.

the 'coporates' as they call them, although hard working seem to be just all work and no play. most of the laughter and smiles come from the cleaners of the motel, who to me seem more welcoming and pleasant to be around with.


the day before i went out of my way to go shopping for a new outfit for a friends going away.  the reason is not so much that i needed an outfit for the party, but because i knew i was to change at work and i felt that i needed to appear a certain way for them not to judge me.  in the end i dint find anything that i was happy with, and came home and spent over an hour rummaging through my closet trying to find something appropriate.  the problem was my clothes were either too.... well... too sexy, too alternate, too old and no where near as sophisticated enough as the other corporate girls i have seen drinking at the bar after a long days work.... well in short my clothes were a little too... me...

which got me thinking... for the past four weeks i have never truly been myself.  like the motel i have taken this corporate and extensive facade, all polite and ever so pleasant.... but deep down; at the back of house; you will find the dirty sheets, the mouldy walls and the dusty floors.

what upsets me most about this industry is that there is nothing romantic about it. all it really is, is about making money.  my boss summed it up for me yesterday as we drank our mulled wine.... "this industry is based on politics, pleasing people you dont have respect for, and making the sales. that is why i wanted something more simple when i first came to australia. but then they gave me this... responsibility"

this shook me, is this what i have to look forward to? 

further more i stopped and thought, is this why i have found it so hard to be the real me? more so than i have in the past?...  am i starting to pretend to be someone i am not just so i can fit in?... i mean; there i was with my hair in a french twist in my suit jacket and heels, discussing work over mulled wine.

i cant be ungrateful, especially not at this point. but there is this nagging force inside of me that just wants to be at the studio again, dealing with clients, going through photos, creating ads and albums and making beautiful memories. i remember, wearing all black with my hair in a mess, my feet crossed at a computer desk wearing dark eyeshadow to hide the bags under my eyes.

so i wonder... will this job change me?



pure australian wool skirt $12

wish dress $10

even with a new job and a bit more money i still cant help but



i hate my job

i am at work... bored.

i can always ask for something to do but i choose not too. last time i did ask for more admin related jobs they told me to concentrate on my current job which is to clean up the kitchens and look after the catering and meeting rooms.  so yeah it's a bullshit job and i don't want to be here, so why should i show initiative right...?  i wish i had my old photography job back.

anyone else feel the same?


before it gets cold...

it is best to make the most out of the end of season sale and stock up on those shorts.  here is one i picked up from ses for $5.  but keep in mind, when bargain shopping ask yourself... can i use this again next summer?  my suggestion, stick to the basic colours and shape.  you don't want to be stuck with something that will date. but hey, for $5 you cant go wrong.



blue and white

a couple of weeks back supernova came to town. i wore blue and white with a hint of pink.
this whole outfit i managed to put together with only $15 from valley girl.

so... what is supernova all about you ask? well, its a sci-fi/ commick book/ gaming/ star wars/manga / "pop culture" convention. so basicaly all of brisbanes geeks and jaded come. i overheard a lady say that they started the convention with only 50 people showing. now thousands of people come over 3 day event and have even expanded nationaly. sorry about the low quality images, my main camera is still dead and saving up for a new one is hard *sigh...

playstation "band hero" competition

  i was to meet charisma carpenter from buffy but she didn't turn up :(

                                                  j got to meet kara thrace from battlestar


whats in your closet?

i was out to meet with mum and because she can be so judgemental with what i wore and how i presented myself and i was faced with the inevitable question... what the hell do i wear?  and after trying on 3 different outfits with none of them working i decided not to get frustrated but instead i opted to  reach my arm into the dark pit that was the bottom of my closet, dusted off some cob webs and found this top mum brought home from the philippines. i have never worn it because it was too unusual and... well green. but now that im older and a little more open to colours i decided to pair it up with some denim shorts.

so next time you have nothing to wear, dig deep have a search you will be pleasantly surprised.



who knew that yellow would go with anything....

ok, so had a job interview at a photography place yesterday so instead of the formal outfit i needed something that was memorable and funky... so i wore my black dress and my yellow stockings.  never been used before in the fear of being too bold.  but to my surprise i received a lot of looks from people... some good some bad, but regardless... i felt like the injection of colour really made me feel positive, confident and happy.
it also inspired me to shop with colour in mind. here are a few things i picked up.

op shop skirt  $8

op shop navy dress $9

valley girl floral top $10




outfit post

this dress is something i have had for about a year now.  wore it once or twice before but never thought much of it.  wore it to work the other day and i got a lot of compliments.... might wear it more often.


under $10

these shoes were so cheap!!!
check out k-mart and rubi for $10 sales.



new buys

it has been a while. thought i should do a revamp.  i am still a shopaholic, but with a slight change in direction. lets face it, im broke.... with the new house i haven't been shopping hence no posting. so now im not going to be all snotty nose about it. sales, sales, sales is what i am going to be all about.

first stop tempt and snapped up a bargain this dress for $10.

next stop was supre... thats right folks supree, the shop i swore never to step foot on after the age of 30. but who could seriously pass by and ignore the $3.70 signs plastered everywhere. so i grabbed this off the shoulder cotton top and many other items... but i shall save that for another day.


ps i now have a new job. i have swapped my camera for washing dishes. yes people i have made yet another bad decision in my life.  in my defence when i did accept the offer they did tell me that it was mostly office support/catering. but two months in to the job they turn around and say, your role is changing slightly. no more reception we will need you to really take care of the meeting room stock and presentation, catering and taking care of the kitchens because of the increase in staff blagh, blagh, blagh... who cares right. im finding myself a new job ASAP. (but hey for now i shall enjoy the pay and suck it up!)


look what i got...

{ a belated birthday gift form my awesome husband.... a diy lego usb drive.... i also received money for my birthday and bought myself a new diary from kikki k. see their range here! }