new buys

it has been a while. thought i should do a revamp.  i am still a shopaholic, but with a slight change in direction. lets face it, im broke.... with the new house i haven't been shopping hence no posting. so now im not going to be all snotty nose about it. sales, sales, sales is what i am going to be all about.

first stop tempt and snapped up a bargain this dress for $10.

next stop was supre... thats right folks supree, the shop i swore never to step foot on after the age of 30. but who could seriously pass by and ignore the $3.70 signs plastered everywhere. so i grabbed this off the shoulder cotton top and many other items... but i shall save that for another day.


ps i now have a new job. i have swapped my camera for washing dishes. yes people i have made yet another bad decision in my life.  in my defence when i did accept the offer they did tell me that it was mostly office support/catering. but two months in to the job they turn around and say, your role is changing slightly. no more reception we will need you to really take care of the meeting room stock and presentation, catering and taking care of the kitchens because of the increase in staff blagh, blagh, blagh... who cares right. im finding myself a new job ASAP. (but hey for now i shall enjoy the pay and suck it up!)

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