i hate my job

i am at work... bored.

i can always ask for something to do but i choose not too. last time i did ask for more admin related jobs they told me to concentrate on my current job which is to clean up the kitchens and look after the catering and meeting rooms.  so yeah it's a bullshit job and i don't want to be here, so why should i show initiative right...?  i wish i had my old photography job back.

anyone else feel the same?


before it gets cold...

it is best to make the most out of the end of season sale and stock up on those shorts.  here is one i picked up from ses for $5.  but keep in mind, when bargain shopping ask yourself... can i use this again next summer?  my suggestion, stick to the basic colours and shape.  you don't want to be stuck with something that will date. but hey, for $5 you cant go wrong.



blue and white

a couple of weeks back supernova came to town. i wore blue and white with a hint of pink.
this whole outfit i managed to put together with only $15 from valley girl.

so... what is supernova all about you ask? well, its a sci-fi/ commick book/ gaming/ star wars/manga / "pop culture" convention. so basicaly all of brisbanes geeks and jaded come. i overheard a lady say that they started the convention with only 50 people showing. now thousands of people come over 3 day event and have even expanded nationaly. sorry about the low quality images, my main camera is still dead and saving up for a new one is hard *sigh...

playstation "band hero" competition

  i was to meet charisma carpenter from buffy but she didn't turn up :(

                                                  j got to meet kara thrace from battlestar


whats in your closet?

i was out to meet with mum and because she can be so judgemental with what i wore and how i presented myself and i was faced with the inevitable question... what the hell do i wear?  and after trying on 3 different outfits with none of them working i decided not to get frustrated but instead i opted to  reach my arm into the dark pit that was the bottom of my closet, dusted off some cob webs and found this top mum brought home from the philippines. i have never worn it because it was too unusual and... well green. but now that im older and a little more open to colours i decided to pair it up with some denim shorts.

so next time you have nothing to wear, dig deep have a search you will be pleasantly surprised.