blue and white

a couple of weeks back supernova came to town. i wore blue and white with a hint of pink.
this whole outfit i managed to put together with only $15 from valley girl.

so... what is supernova all about you ask? well, its a sci-fi/ commick book/ gaming/ star wars/manga / "pop culture" convention. so basicaly all of brisbanes geeks and jaded come. i overheard a lady say that they started the convention with only 50 people showing. now thousands of people come over 3 day event and have even expanded nationaly. sorry about the low quality images, my main camera is still dead and saving up for a new one is hard *sigh...

playstation "band hero" competition

  i was to meet charisma carpenter from buffy but she didn't turn up :(

                                                  j got to meet kara thrace from battlestar

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