catch up with the girls

we met up at the mall and did some well deserved cake eating and window shopping, it was great to see them for it has been so long.
i gave them...

they gave me...

i wore...
dress-warehouse for fashion 5 years old.

also, i need your opinion guys!
this dress i recently bought for it was marked down from$120 to $20... got to love a bargain.
anyway, was going to wear it for my hens night but after the struggle i have been having trying to find a dress for my wedding reception, im thinking that maybe this would do.

what do you guys think, should i keep looking?


today i....

survived the heat by going to the movies. we watched sherlock holmes. good movie but the ending disappoints.

dress- ripe maternity
slip- big w
belt- kmart


oh how i love thee... (and all the gifts you bring)

my top 5

1. the umbrella academy comic book complete volume with figurine (from j)

2. japanese treasure box

3. valley girl dress (from mum)

4. kabuki figurine

5. 2010 diary

what did you get this year?


things that make me smile...

hi guys!!
i have been meaning to post this up for a while and share some things that make me smile....

one of the 3 things that make me smile are the following gifts i have received from overseas....

a key chain from paris given to me by a client as a thank you...

a chiristmas ornament from japan given to me by a family friend...

postcards from nice sent to me by my mother when she went on her holiday....

so... what makes you smile!