catch up with the girls

we met up at the mall and did some well deserved cake eating and window shopping, it was great to see them for it has been so long.
i gave them...

they gave me...

i wore...
dress-warehouse for fashion 5 years old.

also, i need your opinion guys!
this dress i recently bought for it was marked down from$120 to $20... got to love a bargain.
anyway, was going to wear it for my hens night but after the struggle i have been having trying to find a dress for my wedding reception, im thinking that maybe this would do.

what do you guys think, should i keep looking?


  1. the last dress is really cute, i think you should wear it.

  2. i'm not a big fan of white by itself BUT WOW that white dress looks just amazing on u..love the blog!

  3. you give such lovely presents. are they little brooches? i love the dress. it's simple and chic and the cut is perfect on you (:

    happy 2010!


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