dentists are evil....

they are just doing their jobs and after not going for 10 years i was faced with a list
of things to be done...
first visit consits of- clean, x-ray and filling $380
second visit-one wisdom tooth extraction $150
third visit next monday- 4 more fillings @ $150 to $180 each.
i think that i am more upset of the fact that i have to spend most of my
savings. i just wish that the government could find a way to make dental and hospital bulk billed.

went to the hair dressers for a well overdue hair cut. went to a cheaper place due to the lack of money after the dentist visit and boy do i regret it....

i asked for this....

and ended up with this. never going there ever, ever again... PS this is not a photo of me. :P

not what i expected, most of the funny parts we see in the trailer.
favourite character-ho played by michael cera his innocent boy next door charm just won me over.

this sequel was better than the first, more action and better story line in general.
favourite character-shia labeouf as samuel james witwicky hot, hot, hot....

it was a bonvoyage party for two family members off to see europe.
never had played barefoot bowls before and i must say that it was a lot of fun.

dress-cotton on
leggings-valley girl

brown shirt-supre
shoes-big w


anything blacker?

scarf-best and less
black felt hat-cotton on
grey felt hat-big w
off the shoulder t-little lady from
white shirt-living doll

hummm.... nothing new here; just life in general. loosing contact with friends which is kind of getting me down. well i think life is sucking at the moment; hence the over spending and the large amount of black that i seem to be buying. hope that things will look up soon, but i don't see how.

forever your pessimist


blog award

yay!!! another award. it was given to me so long ago i nearly forgot about it. this time its from the ever so cute michelle. if you don't know her or haven't checked out her blog now is the time to do so.

1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen.

i would like to pass this award to the following ladies who have inspired me to no end...

congrats girls... keep on doing what you are doing :)


what items are worth...

my partners sister arrived from texas and is staying with us for 3 months along with her 2 very young sons.
not going to lie... i am actually fine with it. at first i thought that i would have a conundrum being surrounded with so many people. but to my surprise i am loving the company, and the children are just so cute and interesting to watch. yes there are tantrums and some crying during eating time but its all so new to me and being an only child i am loving the fact that i am finally a part of a big family.

now i know what your all thinking "its early days yet"... but honestly i think i will be fine, i just need to keep my distance when i need space and just look at it as a lesson in social etiquette and compromise. i think in the end if i survive this, i will be a stronger person.

i am however very exhausted because of constantly trying to pick up after myself and contributing to the house work. it is my own fault for i obviously don't really feel at home just yet and i find the need to be useful, im just glad that i have the garage and this blog to retreat to if and when i need.

had a garage sale. it rained, it was cold, it was heart breaking. it was difficult for me to let go of my possessions and even harder to put such a low price on things that i still loved. like this day bed from ikea for instance.

at the start of the day i had it on sale for $50, which i thought was fair enough considering a. i still loved it and b. i believed that for $50 it was a bargain for it originally cost me $120 to purchase.
as the day progressed however, i realised that not many shared my love for this bed, nor did anyone really take much notice of it. in sheer desperation to make room and not to impose on my partners mother any longer, i really promoted the bed and even put it down to $20... that's right $20!!!! eventually it was sold to the third last customer of the day. the burden was finally lifted and soon after aggravation that i had to lower it down in price substantially.
in the end my partner and i earned $80 each, his star wars, our old books and my old unused
clothes were a big hit...

watched terminator salvation.
this movie was just what i needed to suck me out of reality, even for just a few hours.
favourite character=jadagrace berry; who wouldn't fall in love with this gorgeous face...

jeans-golf punk
cardigan- fashion fair
singlet- bonds
jacket- westco

unfortunately no recent buys this week... have been too busy and broke to go shopping. as soon as i have this moving out nightmare sorted i will no doubt be back in the mall spending up a storm.
until then


ok im back...

ok... i have been away for so long and im so sorry. here is what i have been up to.
pcd concert, lets start here shall we....
the world domination tour was amazing.... nicole was a goddess, her voice was fantastic and her stage presence magnetic. being so far away i couldn't really take any decent photos so below is a photo of what the girls looked like on the night courtesy of today network.

now as much as i applaud the performance by the pcd girls, nothing could compare to the powerful voice and the narrative show given by supporting act lady gaga. she was quirky, intelligent, peculiar and magnificent.

i wore shorts-supre
bangles- diva

also thanks to all who gave me sound advice on what to wear to the concert. kept all your pointers in mind, go rock, keep it cool, don't wear shoes that are too high. :)

the big move....
basically the pipes from the bathroom upstairs has started to leak through to the hallway downstairs. for weeks we had complained to the landlord who did nothing to help. after two weeks of constant puddles in the carpet and raindrops of brown rusty water from the ceiling my partner and i just had enough so we decided to move. to be honest we have been planning to move into his mums house for some time now in the hopes of maybe saving enough money for a deposit on our own home or at least until we find out whether my partner gets into the army, but it wasn't to be until the end of august after our holiday.

why not till august you ask? well i really did need that time to just ease into such a big change in my life as i hate change and love planting my feet in the ground. i am also a germaphobe so new surroundings kind of freak me out. anyway, it took a lot of courage for me to over night, pack up all my belongings and leave my home of 9 years. not to mention having to throw away a lot of belongings that just could not fit into this new lifestyle. needless to say the night before the move i was restless and highly upset. but i thought to myself that i should get used to the idea of moving especially if my partner gets into the army. this year and the following will be a big challenge for sure but one that is necessary for life to move on and for me to just grow up.

friends 21st... a bit of fun after days of stress, we were able to just unwind a little at a friends 21st birthday. (well more my partners friend than mine). also this is the bedroom part of our garage. (yes thats right we are living in the garage for at least a year) the lounge half is still full of boxes so no point in showing you that area just yet.

i wore
shoes-sports girl
black cardigan-supre
denim jacket-supre

cardigan-a live girl