what items are worth...

my partners sister arrived from texas and is staying with us for 3 months along with her 2 very young sons.
not going to lie... i am actually fine with it. at first i thought that i would have a conundrum being surrounded with so many people. but to my surprise i am loving the company, and the children are just so cute and interesting to watch. yes there are tantrums and some crying during eating time but its all so new to me and being an only child i am loving the fact that i am finally a part of a big family.

now i know what your all thinking "its early days yet"... but honestly i think i will be fine, i just need to keep my distance when i need space and just look at it as a lesson in social etiquette and compromise. i think in the end if i survive this, i will be a stronger person.

i am however very exhausted because of constantly trying to pick up after myself and contributing to the house work. it is my own fault for i obviously don't really feel at home just yet and i find the need to be useful, im just glad that i have the garage and this blog to retreat to if and when i need.

had a garage sale. it rained, it was cold, it was heart breaking. it was difficult for me to let go of my possessions and even harder to put such a low price on things that i still loved. like this day bed from ikea for instance.

at the start of the day i had it on sale for $50, which i thought was fair enough considering a. i still loved it and b. i believed that for $50 it was a bargain for it originally cost me $120 to purchase.
as the day progressed however, i realised that not many shared my love for this bed, nor did anyone really take much notice of it. in sheer desperation to make room and not to impose on my partners mother any longer, i really promoted the bed and even put it down to $20... that's right $20!!!! eventually it was sold to the third last customer of the day. the burden was finally lifted and soon after aggravation that i had to lower it down in price substantially.
in the end my partner and i earned $80 each, his star wars, our old books and my old unused
clothes were a big hit...

watched terminator salvation.
this movie was just what i needed to suck me out of reality, even for just a few hours.
favourite character=jadagrace berry; who wouldn't fall in love with this gorgeous face...

jeans-golf punk
cardigan- fashion fair
singlet- bonds
jacket- westco

unfortunately no recent buys this week... have been too busy and broke to go shopping. as soon as i have this moving out nightmare sorted i will no doubt be back in the mall spending up a storm.
until then


  1. i know!! can't wait till Transformers 2 comes out on the 24 June. That's the big one I want to see.
    It's starting to freak me out how much we have in common.


  2. hahahah...thx...i like the rings,a lot of rings on my fingers:D

  3. I love the heaviness of this blog! So rich with mood...I think this is the first blog I've encountered that used the black background and actually made something out of it.


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