ok im back...

ok... i have been away for so long and im so sorry. here is what i have been up to.
pcd concert, lets start here shall we....
the world domination tour was amazing.... nicole was a goddess, her voice was fantastic and her stage presence magnetic. being so far away i couldn't really take any decent photos so below is a photo of what the girls looked like on the night courtesy of today network.

now as much as i applaud the performance by the pcd girls, nothing could compare to the powerful voice and the narrative show given by supporting act lady gaga. she was quirky, intelligent, peculiar and magnificent.

i wore shorts-supre
bangles- diva

also thanks to all who gave me sound advice on what to wear to the concert. kept all your pointers in mind, go rock, keep it cool, don't wear shoes that are too high. :)

the big move....
basically the pipes from the bathroom upstairs has started to leak through to the hallway downstairs. for weeks we had complained to the landlord who did nothing to help. after two weeks of constant puddles in the carpet and raindrops of brown rusty water from the ceiling my partner and i just had enough so we decided to move. to be honest we have been planning to move into his mums house for some time now in the hopes of maybe saving enough money for a deposit on our own home or at least until we find out whether my partner gets into the army, but it wasn't to be until the end of august after our holiday.

why not till august you ask? well i really did need that time to just ease into such a big change in my life as i hate change and love planting my feet in the ground. i am also a germaphobe so new surroundings kind of freak me out. anyway, it took a lot of courage for me to over night, pack up all my belongings and leave my home of 9 years. not to mention having to throw away a lot of belongings that just could not fit into this new lifestyle. needless to say the night before the move i was restless and highly upset. but i thought to myself that i should get used to the idea of moving especially if my partner gets into the army. this year and the following will be a big challenge for sure but one that is necessary for life to move on and for me to just grow up.

friends 21st... a bit of fun after days of stress, we were able to just unwind a little at a friends 21st birthday. (well more my partners friend than mine). also this is the bedroom part of our garage. (yes thats right we are living in the garage for at least a year) the lounge half is still full of boxes so no point in showing you that area just yet.

i wore
shoes-sports girl
black cardigan-supre
denim jacket-supre

cardigan-a live girl



  1. hooo PCD, Love it love it,,
    nice boots u have,, =)

  2. Glad to see you back... looking fabulous as ever, are you in your new place?

  3. so you found a skirt you liked I see.

  4. The dress is gorgeous on you!

    And I know moving can be full of unexpected moment, some twists and turns... so I'm sending lots of warm wishes that you settle in just right. xxx

  5. What a gorgeous girl you are! I love that dress and your shorts are too cute!
    I am so jealous that you got to see PCD and Lady Gaga. I love her so much.
    I hope that you get used to your new home soon. If it's any comfort, it doesn't look like a garage at all. = )

  6. this dress is fabulous!! you look gorgeous!!

  7. Lovely photos (:
    I'm glad exams are over but it will be finally over once I finish my first exam which the one thing I'm looking forward to this week.
    Yep, I'll be going to Philippines in December for about a month because my brother is getting Married and it is also my Granmothers 1 year anniversary so we have to be there. I can't wait because after the anniversary we'll be going to the islands for a real holiday (:

    How are you lately? What did you tihnk of the PCD concer? I still need to post up my pics and videos.

    Hope your feeling well and all if good.

    ♥ M

  8. ** opps sorry about my bad puncutation and mis spells - this damn keyboard! lol

  9. great items!!



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  11. I think your wardrobe is a good place to be! haha. Your clothes are amazing.

    Lady Gaga looks inredible in that shot. Her structured dresses are completely insane.

    x x x


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