mums birth day

what i did today:

1. scanned some old photos that my mum had of her sisters. this is by far my favourite out of all of them. it is a photo of my aunt taken in the 50s. i love what she is wearing and i will not rest until i find a seamstress that can make me a replica.

2.had the chance to break in my new shoes from novo. don't usually wear high heals and now i remember why. as much as i love these, i think i shall save them for times where minimal walking is involved.

i also had a chance to finally wear my new 'bardot' dress picked up during the end of the year sale, $120 down to $40. http://www.bardot.net.au/store/

3.had lunch with mum to celebrate hers and my birthday. (her birthday is officially on the 1st of january mine is on the 2nd). she received from me a top with a necklace to match as well as a straw hat from my partner.

4. my mum bought for me a pair of lovely shoes by 'london rebel' and some cool black braces. http://www.londonrebel.co.uk/

will definitely post some updates on what is to be a quiet new years eve and more on my birthday celebrations. until then... have a happy new year everyone!!!! xoxoxo


what to wear?

yesterday i:

1. finished off my curtains and hung them up... cute huh...

2. spent time with my partners parents on the beach. must admit i am not a water baby and i hate the sun, but i had fun on the day and found some nice sea shells.

3. spoke to my friend and she asked a very good question... 'what will i be wearing on my upcoming birthday dinner?' i have narrowed it down to the following 3. (you may need to click on the image to enlarge and see the detail on each dress...)

1. by 'valley girl'. http://www.valleygirl.com.au/landing.html

2. by 'bardot'. http://www.bardot.net.au/store/

3. by 'fate'. http://www.fateclothing.com.au/

which one do you think i should wear?


my christmas gifts...

what i received for christmas:

the thing i love most about oroton is their signature design and their cute accessories. i was fortunate enough to receive a gift voucher for christmas and was wise enough to take advantage of the boxing day sales. i had picked up these gem earrings - $75 down to $45 and my long awaited red scarf - $75 down to $45. check them out at:


your probably going to laugh, but i have always wanted a 'george foreman grill'. why i don't know... i think it's because of all the constant brain washing television provides regarding eating healthy etc. etc. etc. plus it cooks both sides at the same time, and we all know just how much i hate the long process of cooking. so... you can imagine my surprise when i received one for christmas. if you want to read more about 'knocking out the fat' so to speak, visit the following:


now when it comes to designer homewares, you cant go wrong with 'maxwell & williams'. simple, durable, affordable and most importantly australian owned.


i had also bought some more cherry blossoms for around the house and a little cute lamp with the money i had received. flowers were from 'house & garden' and the lamp from no other than good old k-mart... being boxing day both items were marked down 40%, whoot!


i hardly buy designer labels only because i can't afford it... that's why i love christmas ; the labels that it brings, like this ralph lauren shirt all the way from america... thanks amanda, your the best!!!



i love this shop, its cheap and nasty but you can pick up oh so cute things like the following:



a girl can never have enough shoes and bags... i love this clutch by 'giovanna' found in most leading shoe stores...


body butter that leaves me smelling like roses, and a little phone accessory hand made by my sweet little cousins hannah and ruth. (if your wondering; 'tita' means big sister in Filipino and 'beng' is my childhood nickname.

and that's it!!! what did you get this year?


an early christmas picnic

what i did monday:
1.that morning i quickly went to the shop because i was in need of a hat to wear at my family's christmas lunch at the park. i stumbled upon these treasures while i was there and could not resist buying them.

2. found some material for my table cloth and kitchen curtains as well as some vintage doilies for $1 each

3.realised that i was still in love with this old thrift shop top i found three years ago... i love the detailed buttons...

4.had fun at the park with my cousins and loved the joyful smiles on their faces as they opened up their gifts. the earrings shown below was i gift i gave to my cousin. the earrings were from a shop called mombasa. they have cute vintage outfits, knick knacks, toys, accessories and more. check them out on : http://www.mombasashop.com/index.php

with all the above + christmas gifts i officially have very little money left in my bank.... wont stop me from shopping though...


things to do

a great day to start a blog….

what i did today:

1.decided to make my first blog and now i'm feeling kind of special

2.wore a top i hadn't worn since last december

3.fought the crowds and finished my christmas shopping. $400 later, i kind of felt annoyed that i had spent so much on others that i thought i deserved these shoes... they were on special... not telling you where from because i am ashamed to say it...

4.decided that sticking to the rockabilly style isn't going to be easy and that i should go back to my old vintage ways as well...

5.found a flower for my hair