mums birth day

what i did today:

1. scanned some old photos that my mum had of her sisters. this is by far my favourite out of all of them. it is a photo of my aunt taken in the 50s. i love what she is wearing and i will not rest until i find a seamstress that can make me a replica.

2.had the chance to break in my new shoes from novo. don't usually wear high heals and now i remember why. as much as i love these, i think i shall save them for times where minimal walking is involved.

i also had a chance to finally wear my new 'bardot' dress picked up during the end of the year sale, $120 down to $40. http://www.bardot.net.au/store/

3.had lunch with mum to celebrate hers and my birthday. (her birthday is officially on the 1st of january mine is on the 2nd). she received from me a top with a necklace to match as well as a straw hat from my partner.

4. my mum bought for me a pair of lovely shoes by 'london rebel' and some cool black braces. http://www.londonrebel.co.uk/

will definitely post some updates on what is to be a quiet new years eve and more on my birthday celebrations. until then... have a happy new year everyone!!!! xoxoxo

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