last friday....

i saw sex and the city 2 with the girls... AWESOME!!! no photos, no story behind it... just a nice night out with the girls.

other things in my life at the moment...
  • paying off a wedding loan + saving up for our first home = not much shopping and i am surprisingly coping just fine.... i think as carrie says in the movie " i have been cheating on fashion with furniture"... well in my case the thought of renovations and new furniture..
  • feeling kind of overwhelmed by all the work i am doing while my boss is away on holidays. its not long now until they get back and i have just started the work load they had given me... i know, i know, i only have myself to blame for leaving things at the last minute but its so hard to be motivated when there is no one to monitor your internet viewing at work. so yeah... i blame them for leaving me unattended.
  • speaking of abandonment, my mum has gone back to the philippines for a 3 weeks. will miss our shopping runs on mondays but i also think that having the time apart will do us some good.
  • j's brothers girlfriend is arriving in 1hr from germany....so there will be living in this little 3 bedroom house will be j, his mum, his brother, his brothers girlfriend and of course... me. in november you can add to that list; j's sister, j's sisters eldest son, j's sister youngest son, j's sisters husband. so that will make it?... 9 in total... yes 9!!! hopefully j and i will have our own home by then. god willing...
  • life in general is ok... enjoy having a husband. wow, the young me who had always said that she would never be married is slowly dying.

more fashion exploits soon to come