what to wear?

yesterday i:

1. finished off my curtains and hung them up... cute huh...

2. spent time with my partners parents on the beach. must admit i am not a water baby and i hate the sun, but i had fun on the day and found some nice sea shells.

3. spoke to my friend and she asked a very good question... 'what will i be wearing on my upcoming birthday dinner?' i have narrowed it down to the following 3. (you may need to click on the image to enlarge and see the detail on each dress...)

1. by 'valley girl'. http://www.valleygirl.com.au/landing.html

2. by 'bardot'. http://www.bardot.net.au/store/

3. by 'fate'. http://www.fateclothing.com.au/

which one do you think i should wear?


  1. I think the red one, you need to stand out on your birthday, plus red is my favourite colour!

  2. ema, i like the way you think. thanks for the advice….

  3. my favourite is the first dress, i'm a sucker for monochrome!

    my dress was from a big sale at a london costumiers where they had vintage and hand made stuff. it was ridiculously packed but worth it!


  4. love the blue and white and black dress!

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