birthday wishes do come true

what i did today:

1. began my new years resolution of not taking things to heart. i would also like to recycle and do more for the environment.
2. uploaded the photos taken last night at my birthday dinner. it was a beautiful night spent with great friends.

3. opened the last of my birthday gifts. i had received many things this year but my most favourite are of course the shoes i had received from mum and the following:

from my partner i received a cute plush zombie toy from 'think geek'. for those who know me, i have a fascination with zombies and vampires so this gift is not so strange. think geek has many quirky gifts like these and is worth having a look at even just for a laugh.

i love this mirror from my good friend emma. i have always wanted one of these and now i can finally cross it off my wish list.

another glorious geisha doll to add to my collection.

this cute little singlet is perfect for lounging around...

all in all it was a lovely birthday and a great start to the new year.


  1. How cute is the zombie, he even has brains in his little hand!

  2. hope you had a good birthday!!
    the vintage mirror is gorgeous x

  3. hmm... i'm not sure what my resolution is!
    i think to travel more definitely has to be one. i reaaally would like to get a job (it's impossible to get jobs in london at the moment!) so i can save up and go traveling.
    oh and to do more activities (other than shopping!) like climbing, scuba diving etc.
    you've got me thinking now!! i think i'll make a list....


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