head in the clouds

what i did today:

1. today was austalia day. people celebrate this momentous occasion by hanging out at the beach, drinking lots of beer and having a barbie with family and friends. for my partner and i we usually take a long drive to the country so that we can listen to a radio station called triple j. at this time each year they list the top 100 songs as voted by the australian public.

this tradition was made around three years ago when my partner and i had a small argument over who would win the list that year; i said 'mcr' he said silverchair. we settled the argument by placing a bet, who ever picks the band closest to number one gets a free dinner on feb. 14th to celebrate our valentines/anniversary.

this year, we decided not to celebrate our valentines/anniversary due to our big trip to melbourne, however the habit of listening to the list was hard to shake off so we took our annual drive through the country to reach a town called toowoomba.

as per usual the weather was not on our side, as soon as we stepped out of the house it started raining. the only good thing was for some reason the clouds were particularly low today, or was it because we were so high? anyway, it was great because even though we had our 'picnic' in the car we were literally surrounded by clouds. we had a chance to step out of the car for a minute to enjoy... well the fog... and it felt oddly nice being surrounded by crisp air.

so who won the bet this year?.... number one for the year was kings of leon. my money was on the ting tings his was on MGMT. now i must say i am glad that we didn't place an official bet because MGMT won 2nd and 5th place, ting tings came 9th.

2. wore my envious top and shorts, thrifted scarf and dotti bangles.

3. ever since the cronulla riots australians have been extra patriotic. this got me thinking about what it means to be australian. to be honest i don't know. all i know is becoming an australian citizen saved my life. if my mother hadn't migrated, we wold be struggling to survive in the philippines along with every other person there.

i am just so lucky and grateful to be here...

happy australia day! xoxoxo


  1. Happy AU day!!! I love the head scarf!!!! You two make a wonderful couple!!!

  2. Your photography is just fantastic, I feel as though I was there!

  3. Wow, amazing pics! The countryside – and the weather – look absolutely amazing. I do miss lush green and rain down here in Melbs :)

  4. girl japan... thank you. j and i have been together for 8 years this feb. or is it 9? i don't know lost count it has been so long.

    lady m... thanks for the compliment, your not a bad photographer yourself.

    esme... thanks, i think the reason why these photos turned out so well was because of the scenery, the clouds just add to the mood. i love the country side but i would never be able to live there permanently, too far away from the shops. ;)

  5. Happy Australia Day! I am loving that head scarf-- you look so old Hollywood!

  6. hi andrea... thank you :). i love the scarf its so big you can do a lot of things with it. even turn it into a top its great!

  7. Happy Australia Day! Love these pics, and your headscarf!


  8. Wow, looks like it was a magical day. I love your 'tradition' for Aus day, how sweet and romantic :) and I loved your post on Empire records (OMG I loved that movie) and I loved that little yellow jump suit thingy you and your mum sewed! It's so cute, I can't wait to see the actual one!

  9. Oh, and I just realised, was that cow on a truck? If so, that's kind of sad :( I always get sad when I see animals on trucks.

  10. thevintageyear...it was a great day. yes the cow was on the truck. it was sad to see them all squashed in there like sardines, completely oblivious that their time has nearly come to an end...


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