wish list

sleepless nights are perfect for making wish lists...

there are many things that i want in life and these are just some of them. i hope to have the following before the end of this year.

starting from the top left

1. chanel bag- i don't know if this is at all possible. i am willing to pay around $500 for a bag, but judging from what i have read online i could be looking at $1500.

2. skirt with braces- ideally i would like a skirt much like the one that 'the cherry blossom girl' has. in fact i want her whole wardrobe but i know that will never happen. http://www.thecherryblossomgirl.com/

3. vintage beret and hats

4. tailored dress 1940's or 50's style

5. black healed shoes for winter

6. a chelsea de luca inspired head piece- most probably made by me ;)

7. vintage collars preferably lace ones

8. every day brown leather bag

9. chelsea de luca neclace

10. 50's inspired swimwear- i have been searching high and low but now i think i know where to look next time i'm out shopping. the label is called 'jets' by jessica allen. myer and david jones stock them; which is great because its easy enough to get to, plus they have lay-by. http://www.jets.com.au/

11. brown leather shoes for every day use

and that is it! i'm sure that the list will change through the year and more things will be added. but for now i think i shall aim for these few main items in order to restrict my spending.

wish me luck! xoxo


  1. i love these dresses. let's get one, two or, preferably, more :D

  2. Fab collages - that gray dress is fantastic!

  3. necromantic... i know they are so cute. i still have yet to find a shop that sells them. dreading the online shopping, i just don't trust it.

    couture carrie... thanks for the comment :) i love photoshop


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