we have good days and bad

what i did today:

1. received a disappointing phone call from work wondering where i was. so unfortunately my holidays have been cut short and as of tomorrow my year has finally begun.

2. had my hair trimmed and conditioned... it felt nice to be pampered, but it did come at a cost.

3. more bad news... yes i gave in to bargain shopping and had completely ignored all the rules i had set for myself. within the span of two and a half hours i was able to visit two different shopping malls and found these items.

two very similar shorts and a dress @ $10 each. http://www.icedesign.com.au/mainindex.asp

button up shirt $10. http://www.cottonon.com.au/

bright yellow stockings by miss shop $5

polka dot scarf $7. http://www.katies.com.au/

a cute clock necklace, slightly damaged $15

so $60 and a bag full of good but not so great items later, i retreated to a safe place; home.
once there i laid all the items in front of me and strangely enough i felt happy and content, this got me thinking... if this feels good, imagine the overwhelming feeling i would have if what was in front of me, was the infamous Chanel bag. now wouldn't that be a high...

until next time! xoxoxox


  1. If its any consulation, they are all pretty, Im so jelous of the necklace (damm you!!)

  2. Me too.. I am a shop, shop kinda gal in moderation of course.. I followed you from Super Kawaii Mama ~= )

  3. emma, thinking about taking the clock off and replacing it with something else what do you think?

  4. Hello there, thanks for stopping by my blog! In response to your question about sweat shops, probably looking up the companies on the 'net is the way to go, for instance I heard somewhere American Apparel treat their workers well. Also small local designers are usually a safe bet. Good luck in working towards that Chanel bag! I'm sure a classic item like that will be worth all the saving! x

  5. Well, Im sure you could replace it, you just need to find the right thing. Personally, I think you should keep it, its very Alice in Wonderland-esque!


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