what i did today:

1. during my break from work i visited a little boutique store a couple of shops down called 'butterfly by the bay'. its a cute little store that stocks mostly australian designers and local talent. with my melbourne trip in mind i didn't spend much, but i did pick up this cute necklace by designer unknown. (yes another yellow item, seeing a pattern here?)

2. i started my melbourne jar! sure it only has $50 in it but its a start. :) now that my car loan is nearly payed off im sure it will be full before august comes.

i love setting goals for myself. the idea of having something to work hard for and look forward to makes waking up in the mornings much easier...

Q: what are your goals for the year?


  1. That necklace is pretty darn cute. My goal this year is a trip as well. Not sure where yet, just know that I need to go south! When you live in Alaska, that's pretty much the only stipulation.

  2. i love collecting money in a jar, it's so old fashioned!
    my goals are to travel, and get a job! i have been trying for SEVEN months!!!! london is a harsh place to be right now!

  3. I love your find.. I really admire one-off creations.. makes them much more special..

  4. andrea... alaska must be an interesting place to live

    penny...good luck job hunting. i am looking for a new job to. photography isn't what it has cracked up to be. im thinking more office administration/assistant.

    girl japan... i know what you mean. this necklace has actually inspired me to make something similar myself. we have a bead shop here where you can come in and make your own necklace etc.

  5. the jar is a great idea. I have too many goals at the moment.


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