50 years and counting

what i did today:

1. wore my valley girl dress.

2. went to my partners grandparents 50th anniversary. (try saying that over and over twice as fast).
anyway, we attended a mass held in their honour at the very church they were married in 50 years ago. they were such an inspiration to all of us and i hope that my partner and i will stay together for as long as they have.

3. nearly 30… i thought it was about time to look after myself. so today i had my very first facial at ‘ella baché’.
i absolutely loved the experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone.
i have noted a couple of things to remember for next time i go there…
a) don’t wear a hair tie; its hard to relax with this throbbing pain at the back of your head. i didn't know if i was aloud to move so i laid there in pain for half of the time i was there.
b) remove makeup thoroughly… yeah i thought i did, but then she had to take off my mascara with her fingers and it felt like she was pulling my eye lashes out,...
c) wear something you can easily slip on and off.

the best thing about the whole experience was the ambiance, the lovely staff and the massage that made me so relaxed i found it hard to stay awake.
to top it all off they gave me a goody bag. in it were samples of the moisturisers they used during my facial, a free bottle of water, hand cream and a 20% off discount card for my next visit.
i don’t know if the actual facial was any good, mainly because i have never had one before. but my skin does feel a lot smoother and there is a definite decrease in black heads. (gross i know) i also think that it would take more than just one visit to make a dramatic difference, so i guess only time will tell.

4. after my facial, i had enough time to do a little shopping and picked up 3 singlets from supre…(i know, i know, i said i would stop going there but they were only $10 each so i couldn't resist). i also picked up a black belt and this horrible size 16 top. so why did i buy it i hear you ask…for the material, it reminds me of something my grandmother had. i plan to cut off the sleeves and wear it as a dress.

Q: what do you think keeps a relationship going for 50 years?

until next time xoxoxo…

currently listening to: oh yeah- by ash


  1. I liked reading your blog and your polaroid style pics are really cool :)

  2. The dress is really lovely, a bit vintage modern!!!

  3. That dress looks lovely on you! And as for what keeps people together... no experience in that area! = )

  4. awww that's so sweet!!! that is a hella long time to be together.
    i bet they were high school sweethearts! awww! i'm going to start weeping in a minute!

  5. yes, I love the dress on you! but ah-hem, shouldnt there be more money in the melbourne jar this week???

  6. reread... thank you :) your blog is lovely too.

    girljapan... thanks i love the dress, especially the flowers on the side.

    andrea... thank you :) my partner just read my post and your answer. response was “its simple... learn how to cook”… don't worry i gave him a little punch for being such a man!

    penny... i was in tears, they just looked so cute together.

    emma... yes i know, another $50 will be in as soon as i get some cash out. :p


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