my brown shoes...

what i did today:

1. wore my new yellow dress and belt from 'sportsgirl' 07.

2. met up with emma http://thisragdollsriches.blogspot.com/ and she drove me to a craft store called spotlight. there were so many cute buttons, ribbons and fabrics to chose from i felt like a little kid in a candy store. you could definitely spend a whole day in there just finding inspiration and ideas for things to do.

emma and i spent most of the time looking at patterns for dresses. there were some i found hideous, but the ones from the 'vogue' catalogue had really nice vintage patterns. i was unable to find a pattern for the skirt that i had in mind so instead i have decided to design it myself with the guidance of this site.
being a trial run, i picked up the cheapest but cutest material i could find.

while i was there i also bought a memory box in the hopes of finding a way to display this little fairy figurine that my partner hand painted for me. unfortunately the box is too small, but I'm sure that i will be able to find a good use for it.
3. found my brown shoes!!! they were on special from 'betts' by 'airflex'. (yeah i know they sound like something an old lady would buy, but by god are they comfortable.) the only downside is that i feel in time they will loosen up too much. nevertheless, i love them and they were on sale which is an extra bonus.


4. found this cute ring from 'bardot'. unluckily i had it on today and with an arm full of groceries i accidentally scraped it on my door and now some of the paint has come off. :( never mind, it adds to the character.

5. while surfing the net for skirt tutorials, i had stumbled upon this great video. i love the buttons and i feel that it is something i can definitely make.

enjoy and be inspired! xoxox

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  1. hey, that vid is really creative, it has inspired me a little and I have some new ideas blooming. You would be able to do so much with it!
    Shame about the ring:(


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