are you feeling lucky?

what i did today:

1. wore my living doll black dress, supre top, dotti bag and thrifted belt.

2. went shopping and found the best brown bag... ever.... it's by
lucky brand, it's going to cost me $300 but i love them too much to even consider the price. i have put them on lay-by, so in 8 weeks i will be the proud owner of a 'lucky' hobo bag i cant wait!!!!

while i was out i picked up this belt from dotti. a little disappointed with it because upon trying it on at home i found that it was a size too big and i had already taken the tag off. oh well... i also grabbed this super cheap stockings from myer.

3. i paid my car loan today and it feels so good to be debt free...

4. as i write this i am watching 'how i met your mother'. im so glad that the tennis is finally over and all my favourite tv shows are back on.



  1. yes! I love that show too! Those tights look great for winter, bring it on.

  2. emma...isn't it great, i just wish i had friends just like them. i love barney because he is...wait for it... legendary!

    cc... thanks :) thought i needed to go back to my old ways. monochromes baby!


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