valentines day/ 8th year anniversary/ birthday

yes... valentines day is a very big day for me. so what did i do on this special day?

1. my partner and i gave a promise to one another that we wouldn't celebrate valentines this year... but i guess promises were made to be broken.

when he came home yesterday he had with him a dozen roses and a big smile on his face. you can imagine my delight and surprise to receive such a gift. after giving him a big lecture on breaking promises etc. etc. i pulled out a little gift bag which had in it a bottle of perfume for men by diesel, chocolates and a little something naughty (which we wont get into).

2. later that evening we celebrated his mums birthday by taking her out to dinner. at first we had booked a table at a family restaurant and to our surprise we were informed that the menu was changed for valentines day and it was to be $60 a head... i think we were out of there before the waiter could utter another word...

all dressed up an no where to go, we settled for a non fancy all you can eat diner at good old 'sizzler'. 3 hours, four trips to the buffet and a salmon teriyaki later, we were oblivious to the fact that the once full restaurant was now empty. proves to show that no matter where we went we would have had a great time anyway.

3. wore my bardot denims, vintage broach and bonds singlet...

on to a different topic all together...



we.... (and when i say we, i mean people of australia) received great news this week as the government passed the 42 billion stimulus package. each low income earner will be receiving $900 in the hopes of reviving the economy. money will also be put towards schooling and family support. to that i thank mr tin tin (aka mr kevin rudd) for being so generous to my melbourne jar...

as much as i am happy to receive, there is this nagging voice at the back of my head saying..."you are going to pay for this"....

so what exactly am i afraid of?

in a world where nothing is for free, something as big as 42 billion will have serious repercussions. no doubt unemployment will increase as small businesses are over looked. (ie. small businesses such as photographic studios... get my drift?...) the more i think about it the more it becomes clear that keeping my job; however horrible it may be, is better than a quick $900 in my pocket. i just hope and pray that it wont come to this...

Question: what would you do with an extra $900?


  1. Hey, I love that brooch so much. So the jobless scare has hit home with you too? No-one is safe anymore.
    Well, with my $900 Im going to put most of it into bills and debt, certainly not where K Rudd wants us spend it, oh and mabie some new makeup!

  2. Fun day - congrats on all your milestones!

    $900 huh? I believe I'd get a fabulous new hairdo a la Coco Rocha!


  3. love the high-waisted jeans. the $900 thing is so interesting... they should consider something like that in america. people need all the help they can get these days.

  4. heys! thanks for the comment dear.
    I really like your blog and how you present the pictures very nice yep! where in Philippines are you from? are you full or half? Ohh I love your style and knowing it's just from aus stores like cotton on and sport's girl, it makes it so much better to find these lovely things!

  5. emma... yes definitely and being older makes it so much harder to get hired if ever i do need another job. let me know when your going out to buy makeup, i want to come with...

    cc... thanks, it was a great day, hope yours was too.

    kaitlyn... is the american government helping at all with the way things are? i hope so.

    michelle... thanks... glad you like it. <3


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