mama mia!

what i did today:

1. met up with my mum for lunch and then did a little window shopping. i showed her the bag i placed on lay-by. needless to say she wasn't impressed by the price.

i also gave her a copy of mama mia. i know she is going to love the movie because she is a big fan of abba and without giving too much away; 1 woman + 3 men at the same time = 1 spawn (me)... yes i am a little uncertain as to who my real father is till this day.

2. wore my brown cotton on top... yes yet again... i cant get enough of it. tText Colorhis time i paired it up with my shorts from ice, ring from sports girl, bangle from the philippines, thrifted beads and belt.

3. bought a skirt and a pair of earrings to match from cotton on and an awesome scarf from city beach .

before i go i would like to thank everyone for the compliments on my last post, you made my day.


currently watching: x men the last stand


  1. I love "Mamma Mia"! That new scarf is gorgeous.

  2. I love the whole outfit! Esp the Glasses, they look fabulous on you!!!

  3. Love your top! Fun Polaroids!


  4. andrea... i love the scene when the boys are dancing on the jetty with their flippers on...

    girl japan... thank you, i love big frames

    cc... thanks, i think i prefer the polaroids over the white border i have been using. i think i might use them more often.

  5. I choose not to comment on the ABBA scenario!
    Your hair is looking great lately, are they your new brown flats I spy?

  6. the outfit is so nice, really flattering, the colours i lovexxx

  7. lovin' that beaded bracelet. and the brown tones look so flattering on you!

  8. kaitlyn... thanks. how are you going with your new glasses have you decided yet?

    emma... yeah they are.. and they hurt... need to buy a new pair i think.

    rebecca... thank you, i hardly wear brown but this top i just love so much.

    xs... thank you :)

  9. hehe I had to laugh when I read that bit about your mum and the bag on lay buy. My mum is EXACTLY the same. She was shocked once that I bought a t-shirt for $30! Was all like "how on earth could you spend that money, just on a t-shirt?!" how indeed hehe.


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