twilight the movie

what i did today:

1. whined and winged until i was granted my wish… my partner took me to see 'twilight'. after reading the first book and currently enjoying ‘the new moon’, i found the sudden need to see the movie on the big screen instead of waiting for its arrival on dvd. so off to the movies we went, and can i say that i was thoroughly disappointed.
i honestly did not expect it to be as bad as it was, i was thinking more along the lines of buffy the vampire slayer (tv series); romance, action and a little bit of carnage thrown in for good measure.

it was just so bad that my partner and i were laughing throughout the entirety of the move because of its poorly written lines and its horrendous special effects. amongst all that, the cinematography had a lot to be desired. it was inconsistent and at times pointless making the movie overwhelmingly 'b' grade. but the most disappointing thing of all was that i did not fall in love… in most vampire tales you cant help but fall in love with these mysterious creatures, the way they lived, loved and their past.
oh, and the acting… don’t even get me started!

i would like to erase the past two hours out of my mind so that it wont taint the rest of my reading experience. further more, i plan to spend the rest of my evening watching ‘interview with the vampire’ followed by ‘queen of the dammed’ to remind myself of what a real vampire movie should be like.

favourite character: victoria played by rachel lefevre.
favourite scene: the credits


  1. lol, that hilarious, Im glad I wasn't the one go go with you and waste 2 hours of my life, not to mention precious spending money. I only hope you don't loose faith in the book as they are usually better than the film adaption.

  2. I will, hopefully there's a good one out there! All the girls at school rave over the Twilight movie.. although it's more over Robert Patterson. A few people I know said it sucked though. I wonder if it's just popular because of him? I think he's overrated :/ x

  3. Wait, I think that's his name. Haha.


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