dentists are evil....

they are just doing their jobs and after not going for 10 years i was faced with a list
of things to be done...
first visit consits of- clean, x-ray and filling $380
second visit-one wisdom tooth extraction $150
third visit next monday- 4 more fillings @ $150 to $180 each.
i think that i am more upset of the fact that i have to spend most of my
savings. i just wish that the government could find a way to make dental and hospital bulk billed.

went to the hair dressers for a well overdue hair cut. went to a cheaper place due to the lack of money after the dentist visit and boy do i regret it....

i asked for this....

and ended up with this. never going there ever, ever again... PS this is not a photo of me. :P

not what i expected, most of the funny parts we see in the trailer.
favourite character-ho played by michael cera his innocent boy next door charm just won me over.

this sequel was better than the first, more action and better story line in general.
favourite character-shia labeouf as samuel james witwicky hot, hot, hot....

it was a bonvoyage party for two family members off to see europe.
never had played barefoot bowls before and i must say that it was a lot of fun.

dress-cotton on
leggings-valley girl

brown shirt-supre
shoes-big w


  1. In my own opinion I think your new haircut is hot! It suits you, It's always good try something different.

    M ♥

  2. i like the haircut babay! it looks great :)

    and totally agree with you on the transformers review. ugh shia labeouf... so hotty.

  3. You're funny. Reminds me of the dentist in "Little Shop of Horrors".
    Show us a picture of the haircut, unobscured by your arms! I'll bet you look cute.

  4. the look with the long hair, could be o good option for you..:P


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