in hiding

yes i know... i have been kind of slack when it comes to posting of late. but in my defence i have been busy working, eating and sleeping. (its been great actually). the only highlight of the weeks past, was going to the movies and watching the hangover... twice...

if you want to laugh so much to the point that your stomach hurts this is the movie for you.
favourite character-ed helms as stu price.

lady gag cd-the fame
system of a down-toxicity
blondie-greatest hits
system of a down-hypnotize


  1. Hey babe... even though you've been away, it sounds like you're having a great time! And speaking of great times... I really need to see that movie! Oh, and the post with the craaazzzy eye... it's a sculpture park (by local artists) near my house. It's pretty wild!

  2. I really want to watch The Hangover! I'm dying to see it, I just don't know when!
    I'm so glad you still buy CD's because it gives to the artist's and not stealing from them by downloading their songs. Love all the CD's you bought! Ohh lala lady gaga!

    Hope everything is good, have fun and take cares


  3. The hangover was awesome! I wasn't expecting anything but it was a welcome surprise of funniness!


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