brazilian touch...

great food and entertainment.... (especialy for the guys in the awdience who were fortunate enough to have half naked women with extremely gorgeous bodies dance in front of them, while the girls have really scrawney little male dancers who had bodies of 12 year old boys...
so not fair... )

however, the night was special for me because my partner j and i danced for the first time since we have been together; that's 10 years... j has always been a reserved person, so i was so proud that he gave it a go....
funny thing happened... during the conga line i honestly thought that j was behind me holding my hand when in fact it was a complete stranger. whoops!

wore: details under "recent buys"

hate china town.... love the food...

dress- valley girl
jacket- miss shop
dress- miss shop


  1. I love all your recent buys, spesh the patterned top, fab! :)

  2. I like that Miss shop stuff! The dress looks great on you! x

  3. love your photos and the brown dress of the recent buys!


  4. your dress is really nice! the low back is reoow x

  5. Love the outfit. So cute! *

  6. oh, so do i. & of course! i can't decide what colour i want though! i can't wait til the hangover comes out on dvd. it will burn a hole in my dvd player. haha.

    glad you had a great night (: i love the dresses x

  7. it's always the guys who get hot sexy chicks and the girls who get gross big guys, yuck!

    oh why thank you darl for the comment. I'm not too sure which picture you mean by the third one because is me and it was just the light that made it a light brown so I wouldn't have an idea of what color that would be. Are you thinking of dying your hair in a hairdresser or by yourself? If so then you can just check out the colors in stores :)

    ♥ have fun love


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