i asked for brown...

a dinner out at the german club with js sister and her partner lead to some drinking and singing with this colourful german guy called andrew.
his repertoire varied from neil diamond, vengaboys, the beatles, smash mouth mixed in with some traditional german music. j insists on having him play at our wedding some day.
(we shall see about that)


went to the movies and watched bruno with a high school friend and her partner. before i go on may i say just how wrong this movie is... funny... but oh so wrong...
after the movies we went to a delightful and local thai restaurant that we didn't know about. definitely going back there again.
(sorry for the lack of photos on this night)

j after his flying lesson that morning called to happily inform me that a vintage plane show was being held at the air strip. so after the christening we made a swift exit towards the door and headed down to caboolture to check them out. unfortunately we missed most of it. but we were fortunate enough to score two loafs of bread from the food stand and to capture the planes being flown back to their rightful owners. these great images were taken by j bar the one of him of course... he is becoming really good at it :)...

paid $150 to have my hair a shade lighter/brown...
at the time i was really happy with the result...
i don't know why i did, because i asked for brown and clearly its gone orange/red...
it may have been the bad lighting that caused me to say 'yes i love it. or i could have still been in shock from my scalp being poked a million times with a crochet needle. it could also have been because the cap was too tight, the water too hot or it could also have been an adverse reaction from all the chemicals they put on my hair... who knows...
all i know is they need to fix it...
i look like an orangutan.
no recent buys this week, had to pay for a broken car...
until next pay day...


  1. i just rememebered one of your past entries, how you said you hated your new haircut. but i think it looks really nice (: i do like the colour yours is now too. even if you don't. haha.

    i kinda think hairdressers do the change-room trick-- flattering lighting. when i was blonde, the colour looked perfect natural blonde to me while i was in there. but everywhere else, it looked yellow and feral.


  2. Love your blog and your picts. are so cool


  3. Hi there!
    Love your outfits! You are very fashionable!
    P.S.: International Giveaway on my Blog!

  4. LOve you pictures ^^

    xxx from kissmequick

  5. I'm always so inspired by your posts... the style, the amaizing polaroids!
    And the shots of the plane/diver are so very cool babe!

  6. Nice pictures and great outfits!

  7. thankyou so much (: my friend did my hair for me because i'm hopeless with styling it. haha. she just used a hair straightener to curl my hair. She used the straightener on my fringe too, but before she got to the end of the hair, she pulled the straightener out and up to create the flicks.

    i miss your entries! x


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