all work and no play makes me want to shop....

well what can i say... its been one of those months when work takes over and any spare time i do get is spent shopping and not updating.... so what has been happening in my life?

no... not mine, j's younger sister.
humm.... its depressing to think that a 22 year old is marrying before i am...

top-just jeans
cardigan-alive girl
skirt-cotton on
tights-valley girl

a solemn party that made my heart break....
it's hard to fathom the fact that they will be teenagers the next time they come to visit australia. hope that they will remember me...

i was so proud of him.... he has achieved so much this year.
one down fall to the night was me... my camera had no batteries so i had no photos of our own to post up, hence this illegal cut and paste of a photo from the web...
(shhhh.... it will be our little secret.)
oh, and lets try and overlook the bad hair i had that day.

top-cooper st
skirt-blue age

dinner out with adele and brendon.... i love spending time with the two of them, they are so funny... definitely great company... we also watched 'inglorious basterds'. not the best tarentino film ever made, but i loved the costume design.

gathered singlet-bauhaus clothing $35-stocked by chicago 17
black pleated skirt-supre $15
white singlet-
one teaspoon $25-stocked by trade secret
hobo scarf-envious $12-stocked by trade secret
off the shoulder dress/top-bauhaus clothing $50
peach top-
ripe maternity $12- stocked by trade secret
(thats right people...i am wearing it as a dress)
black skirt-blue age $20 stocked by trade secret


  1. i missed your entries. a lot of people here are getting married. some my age (eek. but oh well, i guess we're all ready at different times.) 2009 must be the year! i love your outfit & your new buys. especially that peach top. lovely colour. congrats to your partner! take care x

  2. You always look so gorgeous! And I absolutely love your creative posts! I'm inspired every single time!

    As for your new finds... so delish! I want them all!

  3. Im so glad your back! I did miss ya updates a lot!
    When I see a bride I ever wonder how long it's going to be before I get married but oh no not so soon. It all just depends on who it is and how you feel then presto we have a wedding!
    Loving your new buys, absolutely lovely! each so elegant and I love your outfits. Its so wonderful because your not spending a dime and your results are magnificent!

    Hope your doing well and looking forward to more posts.

  4. i'm not sure, sorry. i looked around on some other sites for you, but i couldn't find who sells it. i'll let you know if i find out (: x


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