im going to change things a little....

as you may know im in the process of organising a wedding....
this can only mean one thing....
cant go shopping as much :(
so i regret to say that recent buys will be fairly scares from now on...
sorry guys!
btw... if you can, get a hold of the book above, its such a
cute story that reminds me of j and i...


  1. It'll all be worth it in the end :) I'm so happy for you love.

    That book looks like a really cute story, will do check it out when I'm at the book store :)

    Don't worry love, your Melbourne Jar is filling up!! Next year me and the boyfriend with his family is going to Melbourne to, so I think it's time that I should get a jar too lol.

    Hope your having a dandy day x

  2. hehe that looks gorgeous it just makes me smile looking at simple cute pictures like that:) i hope everything is going well and update with pics soon! x

  3. that book does look adorable. i want to read it now! cutting down on shopping will be worth it. think of the gorgeous things you'll be wearing on your wedding day (:

    thanks for the tip. i'm gonna see if i can get my hair done on wednesday. hope it suits me!

    take care x

  4. thankyou (: oh i know, we have no luck! the red underneath has washed out already, but it won't get out of my fringe. hahaha. hope everything's going well for you (: xx

  5. ooooh, I have to check this out! xxx


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