whats in your closet?

i was out to meet with mum and because she can be so judgemental with what i wore and how i presented myself and i was faced with the inevitable question... what the hell do i wear?  and after trying on 3 different outfits with none of them working i decided not to get frustrated but instead i opted to  reach my arm into the dark pit that was the bottom of my closet, dusted off some cob webs and found this top mum brought home from the philippines. i have never worn it because it was too unusual and... well green. but now that im older and a little more open to colours i decided to pair it up with some denim shorts.

so next time you have nothing to wear, dig deep have a search you will be pleasantly surprised.


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  1. my ma is like that too, she tells me "what are you wearing!" then comes to me for advice. I agree, i get so frustrated when i can't find anything to wear but then the end result your thinking "how did i not see this in the first place!"

    love your shorts X


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