3 for $10

is what the sign said... and it was enough to make my day.
i originally planed to go to stones corner to shop for accessories for my wedding. however, i left there with another blue dress in which i plan to wear this valentines day, and 3 tops from jeans west for only $10!!!
(note: don't be alarmed.. the little eyes peeping through in the following photos
is just our darth vader potato head)

blue dress- barkins (table eight outlet) $30

just jeans tops

now, stones corner is where you go shopping if you have either lots of money, or very little at all. there is a hand full of boutique designer shops with stock that can make your mouth water and one or two retail outlets with last season stock. as you may know i have been saving up like crazy and have been so good not to buy anything... but in my defence, these recent buys are really cheap and i am definitely guilt free.... yes... guilt free... if i keep telling myself that i will eventually believe it.

speaking of guilt, i still have to loose a couple of inches in order to fit my wedding dress... however, tonight as we loitered the city j and i had greasy take out topped off with a large scoop of ice cream.
i have yet to learn and master the art of how not to give in to temptation...

black petty coat-?
cream top-sports girl 3-4 years ago?



  1. all this pieces are really cute, especially the second and the last top

  2. nice buys.... i love the dress and i never thought to wear blue for vday

    Vi from Cali

  3. 3 FOR $10?! I thought I read wrong at first, haha. You shouldn't feel guilty- you did quite well with those bargains! I love the dress & your outfit too.

  4. Thanks for the condolences sweety (: I really appreciate it. And wow! 3 for $10! I must find that sign here in Perth pronto! I love them buys, sweeeett!



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